Another Delay In Madonna’s Adoption Proceedings

As we previously reported, the final hearing in Madonna’s prolonged adoption case was planned for Thursday. However, the hearing has been postponed after a new human rights report suggests the ruling could be illegal. The Human Rights Commission (HRC) plans to further review the case that has been riddled with controversy from the start. Malawian laws state that non-residents cannot adopt from the country which leads critics to accuse the government of giving Madonna special treatment due to her celebrity status. HRC Chairman Dorothy Nyasulu stated,

“What we want is … consideration of certain procedures that conform with international conventions on child rights and what our law says, otherwise, as it stands, everything is illegal and the person who wants to adopt the child does not qualify until the judge finds solutions to it.”

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Madonna announced on Tuesday that she wasn’t going to attend Thursday’s now-cancelled hearing. Her lawyer stated,

“I’m confident that the adoption will go through because my client has met all the requirements and the government is satisfied that she qualifies.”

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  • Nicole

    I read that no non-residents of Malawi are allowed to adopt from the country – you have to be a resident. And to be a resident, you have to live there for at least 18 months.

    I’m not surprised there’s problems with this. She’ll probably end up with him at the end, but it won’t be easy.

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