Is Angelina Really Due In August?

Perez Hilton is claiming that Angelina Jolie fibbed to the media. As we reported earlier today, Angelina is due to give birth to the twins on August 19th. However, various sources are reporting that Jolie just stated on French television that she is actually giving birth in a couple of weeks. We’ll be watching this story closely as it unfolds.

Angelina and Brad are pictured today on their way to the “Kung Fu Panda” premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Source: Perez Hilton

Photos: INFdaily

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  1. Nicole

    It was actually Dustin Hoffman who gave the August 19 date to Natalie Morales, not Angie.

    I don’t think she looks big enough to give birth in a couple of weeks! There’s twins in there, and that’s a small twin belly.

  2. Lisa

    @ Nicole – you’re right, correction made…I think she’s on the small side too…I’m not sure why Dustin would blab her due date out like that though…it seems wrong?? Don’t you think?

  3. Stephanie

    Whether she’s due in a couple weeks or couple months, she looks gorgeous. Plus I saw another picture where she looks much bigger than is shown in that picture.

  4. Nicole

    @ Lisa, you’re right, she’s way too small. If they are born in the next couple of weeks, I don’t think the twins will be leaving the hospital for a very long while!!

    I don’t think Dustin would blab, he doesn’t seem the type, but then again why would that NBC reporter, Natalie Morales, say he did??? It’s very odd.

  5. Bev

    There is no way she is due in a few weeks. Her tummy is way too small!

  6. Carmen

    You guys posted on here that she was six months pregnant back in February! That would make her due this month.

  7. Irishgirl

    Dustin was joking I’m sure, as if he would reveal her real due date to the world! Ang and Brad would not be very happy with him!!! On other sites, her bump looks bigger. She is probably due next month or in July.

  8. Lisa

    I added another thumb (the 1st) where she looks bigger. I do think Dustin may have been joking – yes, if I was Brad & Ange I’d be pissed.

  9. Nicole

    I love how the worst comments always come from anonymous posters. If you don’t care enough about your opinion to claim it as yours, why should anyone else care about it?

  10. Tracy

    I think she’ll probably give birth in June, she’s probably due in July. I don’t know if she would give birth in France, they may need to be in the hospital for awhile and you would think she would want to be back here. She also doesn’t look like she’s gaining enough. She should gain 45 pounds, and she still looks really thin in her face and extremities.

  11. Natalie

    August does seem quite far away considering the size she is now, but on the other hand you have to remember how big she was with Shiloh (not that is the same in all cases) but you do tend to show earlier and are bigger with the second pregnancy, let alone twins. I’d say early/mid july. x

  12. bee

    aaahhh . . .just gorgeous. Oh yeah, and Angie’s not too bad either!

  13. Dea

    ZZZzzzzzz…why do we even care so much about the due date people? she will give birth eventually and when that happened, the fun will commence!

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