Celine Wants More Children

Just 1 week ago, Celine Dion performed for the first time in the UK for almost a decade. The Canadian diva is still in London and was spotted enjoying some one-on-one time in the English sunshine with her 7 year-old son Rene-Charles. When asked if the songstress would like more children she replied,

“You bet I do! To be a mother is the most important role – the most important work that I will ever have to do in my life. It’s my best reward!”

The 40 year old singer has sold 200 million albums across the globe and also admitted to her weakness for shoes, “I own between two and three thousand pairs,” and has said that shopping is one of her favorite hobbies.

Source: Hello!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. taylor

    seriously- cut his damn hair… i can’t believe it- it’s longer than her hair and looks utterly ridiculous… i can imagine a day at school for him or should i say her

  2. CiCi

    Wow! She’s only 40? I thought she was much older than that.

  3. Devin

    I love his hair, so health and beautiful. So what if he’s mistaken for a little girl. His mother says it is his decision to make when he gets a hair cut. So if it doesn’t bother him, why on earth does it bother you.

  4. Jen

    His hair is pretty ridiculous. He looks like he’s being raised in the wild, without any access to civilization. My boys would be severely made fun of if they looked that feminine, but, let’s face it, her boy is being raised in a bubble. He’s probably not around children who are cruel and would make fun of him on a daily basis. He wouldn’t last a minute in a public school, that’s for sure.

  5. Peta

    I thought he was older that 7.

  6. Cari

    @Taylor…ITA with you. Cut the freaking hair already. Kids should make decisions about what toys they want to play with, not how long (or short) to have their hair.

  7. Cari

    And Devin, don’t be so “holier-than-thou”.

  8. Ricki

    let’s not personally attack people . . . devin was just expressing an opinion, not being holier-than-thou.

    i think it’s great that he gets to decide. parents today are overly controlling. i feel that there are a lot of things that parents need to have control over for the child’s safety and well being. but i think it is great when a parent steps back and says, “i don’t need to control this. my child can decide for himself.”

    personally if you want to be offended by any of the comments, i find the comment by taylor at the beginning is the most offensive, alluding to calling him a her. but hey. freedom of speech. say what you want.

    personally i don’t like the way it looks, but it still great to see a child being allowed to be an individual instead of mommy’s little puppet.

  9. Tracy

    I think just the oposite, parents today are letting their children run everything including them!

  10. Devin

    Thank you Ricki. I still maintain that his hair is beautiful and if he is comfortable with himself why should he conform because other people feel uncormfortable with his hair. No matter what anyone says the kid’s hair will get cut when he is ready. Please explain how his choice to wear his hair long is him running the parents? The holier than thou are the one’s who feel they have a right to dictate how boys and girls should look. Cutting boys hair really short is a early 19th century thing.
    Kids in public school have hair just as long as his. And for the person who says kids should decide on toys and not thier hair is ridiculous. A child could select a toy that is way to dangerous for himseld and others. Yet, hair is a problem. Please.

  11. Nicole

    Some kids look really good with long hair, I think the problem here is that his face – and name, for Americans who aren’t aware his name is male in France – is androgynous. I honestly thought he was a girl until I read on JJ that she has a son.

  12. Katrina

    I dont honeslty think he’s feminine looking. He has a very manly face. No, I dont like his hair, but I agree with letting him have it how he wants. Its not wild, purple, or a 10 foot mohawk, so even the parents should control front on it really shoudlnt have an issue with it. There are TONS of boys in schools today with long hair, its really not that uncommon. Secondly, kids get teased. Kids are schmucks, if its not hair its somethign else. There will ALWAYS be something a kid gets teased about becuase thats just how it is. My husband had long hair as a kid, and while some made comments, he loves it and doenst regret having it. There wouldnt be any personality or uniquness, something kids love, if every mother forced their kids into a buzz cut

  13. Amanda

    please stop making comments about RC’s hair,he is a BEAUTIFUL little boy and HE wants his hair long Celine and Rene his father have both stated they’ve asked him to cut,even trim it and he won’t he likes his hair long,he is old enough to make up his own mind.Celine is a wonderful mother and I think people should let her raise her child the way she wants and not make comments about her needing to cut his hair when clearly it is her child not theirs and they need to back off and let her parent him her way.

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