Fraternal Twin Girls For Brad & Angelina!?!

It looks like Star magazine may have been right with the sex of Angelina’s twins after all.

According to Fox’s Roger Friedman, who spoke to Angie last night at the party for “Kung Fu Panda” — she’s having fraternal twin girls. Angelina told Friedman (while they were talking about her sonogram), “there was a line” which Friedman said indicated her daughters are not going to be perfect copies of each other. He also said they haven’t picked out names yet.

Brad and Angelina are seen leaving the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, on the French Riviera today.


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  • Nicole

    I’m so confused on that comment. I want to know EXACTLY what she said, if she JUST said “there was a line that means they are fraternal” or if she said “her daughters.”

  • Lisa

    I changed it – I think it makes more sense now– she told him “there was a line” when they were talking her sonogram.

    Click the source link to read his article

  • Nicole

    @Lisa – oh no, you wrote it perfectly understandable – I’m just curious as to HER exact words, because she was quite clear on wanting to keep the sex private.

    Either way we’ll know in a few months!

  • kiki

    actually, even identical twins can have a thin line between them, some have kind of their own sac, because a membrane can build inside the shared sac.

    so… they could still be identical… or like my cousins partially identical which is quite rare, – egg cell split on its way to the womb then two different sperms got lucky with the two identical egg cells… my cousins looked absolutely the same, except for their facial features – one was his mum, the other the father… now as adults they look very much the same though … of course they could have been boy and girl because of the 2 sperm thing…

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