Gorgeous Shiloh Shops With Mom & Dad @ Bonpoint

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Photos : Bauer-Griffin/Splash

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  • BobaFett

    Such a pretty little girl. (: She looks just like Angelina in the 4th pic.

  • tess

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. one of the most cute celeb babies.
    Amazing how much she looks like Brad.
    I can’t wait to see her with her twin sisters.

  • bee

    I think it would be pretty impossible for them to create an unattractive child together. Shiloh is a beauty for sure..

  • Linda

    Oh god, she is all BRAD.. But she’s still very cute and for sure a beauty.

    I think these twin girls will probably look more like Angelina..It will be very intresting to see how their next two children will look like though.

  • She’s so beautiful I really don’t think they’re having twin girls Star said twin girls and that they’re due in July But Angie is due in August They don’t know what she’s having.

  • Vale

    For me every child is cute but Shiloh is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Hazel

    What a sweet little face!

  • Tiffany

    She so yummy. I just want to pinch her cheeks. Her lips are positively perfect and beautiful just like her mama!

  • Nicole

    Shiloh is getting cuter and cuter as she gets older!

    Also, peoplel.com has an article where a shopkeeper asked Angie if she was having boys or girls, and she said she didn’t know and didn’t want to know!

    I trust PEOPLE over STAR any day.

    (Also – thanks for that picture of Maddox – I’m a Maddox girl, and most of the pics from this outing are of Shiloh.)

  • Wow, she is so cute. Looks just like mom with dad’s blonde hair. Sometimes I wonder what Jennifer and Brad’s kid would look like. Love love love Shiloh. Although must be kinda scary with all those people crowding around them.

  • PtitePom

    @ Nicole, you’re welcome, it was the only pic of him in the sets, though 🙂
    And you know what ? I like Angie’s answer. Even if she knows the gender, she has the right to keep it private. Same for her due date. I like it when celebs are willing to reveal that kind of details, but when they are not, then be it. They have a right to privacy too.

  • maria

    es lindisima

  • Bev

    She is seriously gorgeous…it must be so hard to travel and go places with all those people around though. I wonder if it is scary for the kids.

  • Cassie

    Where’s Maddox? Where’s Pax? Where’s Zahara?

  • Natalie

    I really want to see what these new little babies look like, I mean, how can you top Shiloh? She is a perfect mix of both her parents. x

  • Ann

    The whole family is beautiful!!

  • cassie

    maddox was there to

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