Jessica Alba : “I don’t want to be my child’s friend”

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba has been interviewed by Fit Pregnancy magazine for its June/July issue and she sat and talked about her pregnancy, her cravings, her fiancé and babydaddy Cash, the kind of Mom she wants to be and so much more. Here are excerpts from the interview :

Q: Your life is so busy. How are you feeling now that you’re pregnant?

A: At the end of the day I am so tired I can’t function or speak and my eyes glaze over; but this pregnancy has seriously mellowed me out, which is nice. I’ve been going, going, going for so long, it feels nice not to take things so seriously.

Q: Are you having any cravings or aversions?

A: I suddenly love citrus stuff, oranges and lemonade; I can’t get enough of it, and I didn’t really care for any of that before. And I can’t deal with things that are too pungent. I used to love truffles; now I can’t. I also have a hard time eating a big steak.

Q: What kind of mother do you think you’ll be?

A: I don’t want to be my child’s friend; I want to be a mom. But I do want my child to come to me when they have problems and need to talk, so it’s going to be about treading that line.

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They also made a piece about her favorite maternity things, including clothes, baby items, fragrance, etc.

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Source : PregnancyFit

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  • Anonymous

    A Mom is supposed to be their child’s friend. She has her priorities messed up, at least I think so.

  • Stephanie

    A parent’s first responsibilty is to be a parent, not a friend. That’s the problem with kids nowadays.

  • taylor

    she is such a pill… always so miserable looking

  • Jen

    A mom being a child’s friend is different from a peer being a child’s friend. I play with my sons, I certainly enjoy time with them. But I am their mother, not their friend. I shepherd and teach. I don’t participate on their level on a consistent basis. I truly believe that mothers “befriending” their children is what is wrong with so many kids these days. Kids are getting away with horrible behavior, all because their moms and dads are trying to be “friends” and not teachers. When a mother puts herself on the same level as a child’s peer, the parent/child relationship is pretty much doomed.

  • Katrina

    The friend issue with parents is less destructive then parents who simply dont discipline or enforce any rules. It doesnt matter what the root reason is. KIds need guidelines and discipline.

    Shes a first time mother. You say and think alot of things before you have the baby that will never happen. The simple truth is that it turns your life completely around and everythings up in the air. She will soon learn that her ideals wont work most of the time and every kid is different and what it takes to get through to them is NEVER the same.

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