Matthew & Camila Selling Baby Pics

The New York Daily News claims that Matthew McConaughey and his pregnant girlfriend Camila Alves are trying to get the highest bid for the first photos of their unborn baby. It’s reported that they hired agent Todd Shemarya, who secured deals for Brangelina and Christina Aguilera. Three magazines have bid so far, and they’re at $1 million and counting.

Camila is pictured in LA, after her exercise class this past week.

Source: NY Daily News

Photo: Splash

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  • Bev

    Mmm hmm…and Id bet a million bucks they won’t give any of it to charity like Brad and Angelina did.

  • moore

    Its kinda sad how these people shop around baby pictures.

  • Peta

    Thankfully, Halle has yet to pimp her baby out to the magazines. I hope it stays that way.

  • Cathy

    That just doesn’t seem like something Matthew would do… :/

  • christie

    agree with #1!!!

  • devin

    There is still some controversy as to whether Brad and Angelina actually gave the money to charity. You have no idea what this couple will do with the money. Angelina and Brad brag about the money they give away to make people admire them. People who give from the heart don’t have the need to make grand press announcements when they give.

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