No More Babies For Myleene Klass Right Now

Myleene Klass, mum to eight-month-old Ava talked to New! Magazine this week about how she isn’t ready for any more babies at the moment and swapping baby photos with Brad Pitt:

On having more children: Gray [Graham] is definitely there at the moment. But I’m enjoying baby No.1 right now.

On her family joining her in Cannes: Gray isn’t, but Bubba [Ava] is coming

On meeting Brad Pitt at Cannes last year: Yeah, I was very pregnant at the time so there are a lot of stories to tell. They all had a rub of my belly. Matt Damon and Andy Garcia did, anyway.

On meeting Brad, who’s expecting twins, again this year: That’s great because if I meet him I can get my baby photos out and the two of us can compare. We’ll be baby bores together.

Written by Sophie

Source: New! Magazine May 26, issue 265 p.34

Photo: Gotcha

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  • Amber

    But why is she name dropping?

  • Stacy

    i read the gossip all the time, but i don’t know who this is. can somebody enlighten me?

  • Lisa

    @Stacy – Myleene is well known in the UK. This is from Wiki:

    “Myleene Angela Klass (born 6 April 1978) is a former member of the UK pop group Hear’Say. The group stayed together for over a year, after which Klass became a classical pianist. She has a wide range of other claims to fame including ‘television and radio presenting’, ‘advertising’ and ‘modelling’.”

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