Rachel Campos-Duffy Welcomes Fifth Child!

Sean and Rachel Campos-Duffy, both former Real World cast members, have welcomed their fifth child, a daughter. She was born on Sunday May 18th. Her name is Paloma Pilar Duffy, weighing in at 6.48lbs and 19 inches long. Rachel says,

“she was welcomed home today by pink balloons tied to the family mailbox, courtesy of her doting daddy.”

Paloma is already adored by her siblings Evita Pilar, 8, Xavier Jack, 6, Lucia-Belen, 4, and John-Paul, 1. Rachel also tells ParentDish that her brothers and sisters love to take turns holding Paloma and watching her nurse.

Source: ParentDish

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  1. congrats to Rachel and Sean! I remember them from Real World and when I heard they were getting married I thought it would never last. Little did I know! and now 5 kids? wow, that is great!

  2. Ann

    wow! I am sooo happy for them!

  3. Leah

    Hmmm have they head about birth control?!

  4. Laura

    wow leah, could you be more judgemental? what is wrong with five kids?

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