Brangelina’s Twin Countdown!

As Angelina Jolie’s twin delivery gets closer, Ok! magazine reveals some impending delivery plans and some insightful views on pregnancy from Angie and how Brad plans on being their to support her during delivery.

“I never planned on having children biologically,” Angelina Jolie said last week while in Cannes, France, for the annual film festival. “But that changes when you meet someone you love.”

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Ok! states that although sources say Angelina and Brad had planned on delivering the twins state side, that in fact Angie had admitted to the couple “thinking of France” as a place to birth their twins.

“They have access to their villa in France at least through July 1,” one source confirms to OK!. Which works out perfectly, because odds are that the actress may give birth in the next four weeks.

Brad will be there with her all the way regardless of where they deliver their new additions!

“Brad will be with Angie during the birth,” says the source, “Holding her hand and whispering words of encouragement.”

Source: OK!

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