Is Nicole Doing A Nude Photo Shoot?

Nicole Kidman arrived at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday for a top secret photo shoot.

It’s rumored that the pregnant star was posing nude for famed photographer, Patrick Demarchelier.

Demi Moore started the trend in 1991 when she posed nude for Annie Liebowitz, sporting her baby bump on the cover of Vanity Fair. Last November, Christina Aguilera graced the cover of Marie Claire while pregnant with Baby Max.

Source: New York Daily News via Digital Spy

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  • Lily

    I still think she’s pulling a Desperate Housewives fake-pregnancy trick. She all of a sudden got a belly (ladies, let’s be honest, bumps DON’T get that big overnight…but belly simulating pillows do) Plus, she constantly has her hand under her belly like she’s got to prove something. First the drinking at the Oscars, then the constant facial swellings (aka botox/lip enhancements) now an instant belly.

  • DeNita

    Lily –

    THANK GOD someone else its thinking what I am thinking. In every picture she is pushing out her “belly” screaming “look at me!” She is usually so private, so why is she trying so hard to get attention now?

    What is really going on?

  • Rachel

    I think it has something to do with TomKat. They have stolen the spotlight for 3 years now, and maybe she feels like it is her turn?

    It does seem strange that she constantly has her hand under her belly to accentuate the bump now…something everyone already knows exists and isn’t really necessary.

  • Claudius

    Actually, it is very normal for someone her height and size to suddenly pop. It is simple, she is pretty much 5ft 11 and has just about 2 months to go and the belly is not huge by any means, if you look at the dress she was wearing at that award ceremony, it is quite loose and gathered around her belly and when it is pulled towards her, it will simply show off the roundness and the roundness itself is not huge but the dress makes it so. The baby has well enough space in her torso not to be looking to protude out too much, at the end, all she will look like is as if she is carrying a beachball. And that is what she looks like now.

    She also hasn’t suddenly started accentuating her belly by putting her hand under it, go look at pics of her at the Tokyo premiere of the Golden Compass early this year. She was showing off then, too and you could barely see anything, same thing at last month’s CMT awards, you will see her gathering her beautiful red dress and you can just make out the roundness, there were pics of her taken from the sides as she got off her husband tour bus to go to the award ceremony and you can see the belly proper. She hasn’t been hiding it at all, she has been rubbing her belly, cradling it, have people feel it and you can barely wipe the smile off her face. If you look well enough, you will see all these things.

    And why should she not show off now that the belly is substantial enough for people to see without squinting? after having 2 failed pregnancies, she should enjoy and show whatever she has off as much as possible. She got her longed for miracle and nobody should begrudge her that.

    There is no way around this, to suggest that she is faking a pregnancy is ridiculous because you think she is not as big as others, because you haven’t seen her showing off or because she just popped, a phrase that has actually been in use for women such as her who have moderate mounds of a baby belly more than halfway through their pregnancy and then suddenly look pregnant for real the next time you see them. I am sure the site owners on Baby Scoop will know what I mean and give an education on that or you should speak to an OB-GYN. If you are not sure how pregnacy looks different in women then do research instead of besmirching someone’s good fortune. Infact, the paparazzi got pictures of her naked belly already and you could see that belly in the first trimester.

    Here are 2:

    On her doing the nude shoot, her publicist already denied it.

    Any intelligent person could pick holes in the story at first glance. If the story is to be believed then she should not be doing the shoot yet since she is supposedly waiting till the time she pops but she did the shoot yesterday. If she waits till around her due date then it means that the baby would be born before the nude pregnancy shoot hits the shelves, this is putting one and one together to make five.

    As for it being about TomKat, does someone in this day and age seriously believe that? Someone who pays attention to the spotlight on them actually believes another celeb craves what they have? Sure, TomKat has the spotlight but for what? being a major laughingstock for every tabloid, satire show, celebrity gossip blog and not just in the US but pretty much worldwide? that is something to want? that every attention you get is a ridicule is to be desired? She wants the spotlight so much that she lives quietly in Nashville, Oz and stays under the radar as much as possible when she is in LA? She has been in LA since last week and the paparazzi have only been able to get her twice. I mean, look at how hard she is trying to be on ET, Extra and other weekly magazines for that attention.

    If she wanted to fake a pregnancy, she would find a bigger belly, give endless interviews to gain attention and find ways of being in the news all the time. The opposite has happened. She also must have found a way to fake the baby kicking when Leanne Rimes felt it or did she pay Leanne off to say that in an interview on radio? Is Naomi Watts, her closest friend, also making up things about the pregnancy, how she is doing and feeling when asked? Yes, she is faking it and everyone is in league with her because she just wants the public’s attention so much.

    She has kept herself fit and healthy during this pregnancy and she looks radiant with it. Congratulations to her.

    If people don’t believe that she is pregnant then I daresay that this is their problem but to see a woman enjoying one of the greatest gifts of her life and not realise happiness when they see it is sad and to bring it all down to it being about them is tragic. I mean, why should she deserve such happiness, it is not for women like her, is it? She has to fake her way through it because there is no way such a wonderful thing can happen to her, right?

    Lisa, you can delete this if you like but I think that it needs to be said.

  • DeNita

    R U Serious??? It is not that deep.

  • Claudius

    Actually, it is.

    This is why the world is going to pot, with people losing their humanity without realising it simply because they do not know where to draw the line and because of the anonymity being online gives them. What you type on here or elsewhere is very revealing, every off the cuff remark reveals a little bit of ourselves.

    If you don’t want to read it then skip it.

  • tess

    I agree with Claudius.

  • Jennie

    I agree with Claudius as well.
    As for the hand on her belly…she’s pregnant. When I was pregnant with all of my boys, I was always touching my stomach, it’s a form of bonding with your unborn child. They can feel your touch and respond. I wasn’t “showing off” to anyone.

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