Jenna Wants To Be Just Like Angelina

Porn star Jenna Jameson wants to be just like expectant mom, Angelina Jolie,

“I think I’m gonna stay unmarried, and just go for the babies!” Jameson, 34, said on Wednesday. “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps! We’re trying for a baby, so hopefully in the next couple of months!”

When asked why Jenna is done with marriage, she replied,

“Two failed marriages,” she said. “[Marriage] is really just a piece of paper.”

Jameson was married to fellow porn star Brad Armstrong (they split in 2001) and adult film studio owner Jay Grdina (they split in 2006).

Jenna and boxer Tito Ortiz have been together for 2 years and she said it is “so fabulous, like, fantastic. Being with a partner, is really about having fun and enjoying each other’s company.”


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Kindred spirits.