Sheryl Crow Talks Breast Cancer Awareness & Life On The Road With Wyatt

Sheryl Crow recently testified before Congress about the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act.

“I want to know what causes this disease – for me, and for the 2.3 million others who share this diagnosis,” said Crow – who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 – speaking on behalf of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. “We need more resources to figure out what the environment has to do with [it].”

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Sheryl begins a summer tour in July and says she feels up to the challenge,

“I’m great, as far as I know. I believe I’m cured. I’m really the poster child for early detection.” Sheryl’s son Wyatt, who is 1yr old, will be coming on the road as well! “He’s been doing it since he was two months old,” said Crow, who adopted Wyatt when he was two weeks old. “He’s been around the world. He’s really the rock star – and I’m his side kick now.”

Sheryl also tells People Magazine that Wyatt has recently learned to walk and eat grown-up food! Wyatt has also been getting in on the Political agendas as of late.

“I have said I’m a [Barack] Obama supporter. But every time Hillary [Clinton] comes on TV, he’s just standing there and clapping,” she explained. “So we may have differing political platforms. It’s funny. But it’s very sweet.”


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  • taylor

    i love her… such an inspiration- i wish her the best and hope she finds happiness if she doesnt already have it!

  • bab

    AND apparently she’s found herself a new love, Sheryl’s rocking again. And she so deserves it.

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