Nicole Richie & Ricki Lake Receive Golden Pacifier Award!

New mom to Harlow (born January 11, 2008), Nicole Richie has been awarded the Golden Pacifier Award from Babytalk Magazine.

“Honoring Nicole Richie with a Babytalk Golden Pacifier Award might come as a surprise to some, but we felt that she deserved some recognition for her turnaround since becoming a mom.”

Ok! Magazine notes that the 26yr old mom and fiancee of Joel Madden, had changed her life for the better in the last year. Publicly dealing with her DUI arrest and brief jail time, she and Madden have come together to form the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation. She has definitely parted ways with her past and is looking forward to her new life with Harlow and Joel.

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“She’s grown up a lot since the arrival of little Harlow, and her creation of the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation has demonstrated her efforts to set a good example by shining a spotlight on important issues affecting today’s families,” she says.

Ricki Lake has also been recognized this year for her home-birthing documentary, The Business of Being Born. In this piece, Ricki documents giving birth to Owen, her second son at her home (in her bathtub) with her midwife assisting.

“We gave Ricki Lake a Golden Pacifier this year for bravely sharing her birthing experience in The Business of Being Born, sparking a much-needed conversation about the state of modern childbirth.,” Lisa says. “She provided moms with a wonderful reminder that childbirth is about choices – it can, and should be, as individual as the child who punctuates it.”

Source: Babytalk Magazine via Ok! Magazine

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  • Anonymous

    Ricki’s documentary “The Business of Being Born” was phenomenal and all women should watch it!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    My respect goes to Nicole Richie, for being a great mom. much luv nicole, keep up the good work.

  • devin

    She had a baby and did what billions of women do each day take care of it. She does nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Linda

    No,I disagree with that Devin.

    Nicole havn’t had a normal childhood,She is born ritch with a silver spoon in her mouth. So she was very spoiled as a child and she was doing drugs as well not that long ago..Is that what every woman in the world goes trough? No.
    She is ritch, if she wanted she could hire someone to take care of Harlow and then go and take drugs or whatever she wants, right? But she doesn’t, She has changed a lot from what she was like for just some years ago,But she is taking her responsebilty.

    Sorry for my bad spelling,I cant really write everyting that I want because of my bad english. but I hope you understand what I mean about whats so diffrent about her.

  • devin

    Nicole has a nanny, so what, she was raised rich, over indulged and spoiled. Taking care of her own child doesn’t make her a good mother or any better than anyone else. In fact, with all of her advantages it’s easier for her to be a good mother and take responsibility its easier to raise a child with money than it is without. I still maintain, that taking care of your child doesn’t make you special or a good mother. Seeing her push her child around in stroller and posing in magazines doesn’t prove that she is a good mother or that she is taking care of the child without the help of others.

  • marie

    Nicole Richie doesn’t have a nanny devin, its her joel and their families that take care of Harlow. Have you ever seen a nanny with them? And Nicole Richie has changed her life around for her baby, but what i think is really commendable is the charity her and Joel created for underpriviledged families.

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