Pregnant Man Writes Memoir

The world’s first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, will write a memoir about his unique experience.

Love Makes a Family: A Memoir of Hardship, Healing and an Extraordinary Pregnancy will hit bookstores on September 30th. It will recount Thomas’ surgery that transformed him from female to male. The book also chronicles his experiences as a pregnant man.

Beatie was once in the Miss Teen Hawaii USA pageant and was on the Oprah Winfrey Show in April with his wife, Nancy. On the show he said that he had the “human desire” to be pregnant and that he is “a person and I have the right to have my own biological child.” He also said that being pregnant did not him feel more feminine,”It doesn’t make me want to go and shave my legs or something,” he told Oprah. “I’m a man, I just happen to be a pregnant man.”

Sometimes I wish my husband could carry our soon-to-be baby! 🙂


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  • This is NOT a pregnant man. This is a pregnant woman who is trying to look and act like a man.



  • Jen

    Sick and twisted. I can’t believe how accepted this has been by the public. Real women should be highly insulted by this freak, yet she/he goes on Oprah and everyone gawks instead of groans. Give me a break.

  • Sherry

    If ever a baby needed to be adopted out, this one would be it! God help this little one. The only miracle here is if it grows up normal…then again as “it’s” T-shirt states……………….

  • hannah

    I’m all for live and let live, but when you bring a child into a situation like this it makes things very difficult. It’s not fair to the child.

  • gavmitri

    I too agree – this is not a ‘man’ she was born a woman and yes may have had a sex change but if she/he still has a uterus/ovaries…he is a she so wish they would stop saying pregnant man…

  • Nicole

    Sherry – that’s a little harsh. This kid isn’t going to have an easy life, but that’s not because of who its parents are, it’s because of how the world is. This person decided that he wanted to live as a man, but he wanted to have a child. Why shouldn’t he be able to? He happens to still have a functioning uterus, and he can get pregnant if he wants to.

    And Thomas can love his child as much as anyone else can. With all the kids still being housed with abusive or neglectful parents, you choose this household to declare the kid should be taken away? Because Thomas doesn’t fit your idea of what a man or a woman should be?

    It’s a good thing personal feelings have no bearing in real courts, or the world would be a terrible place.

  • lucia

    It’s strange, but is his decision. I’m sure he will love his baby, like a dad, and will be a very special kid. He was a woman, so if he can… what’s the problem?
    For me isn’t sad to see life, love… Wars are bad, are sad because doesn’t find peace, life, and destroy a lot of families. But, Thomas Beatie? He only wants to be father

  • mom1

    This PERSON is really SICK…in the head.

    He – She can’t even decide what IT wants to be….

    I feel real sorry for that poor little child.

  • Jenny

    Minds are just like parachutes…..they work best when open.

  • Helena

    I wish it could work like that, dad give birth to the baby and mommy take care od the baby. There are no difference. I think that if the couple is decent, why not? At least it is going to be one baby who will grow up in a home and not an orphannage.

  • I don’t get why some people think children who live in alternative households turn out badly. Trust me, if that was true, we would KNOW about it because the people who don’t want gay couples adopting would make sure that everyone knew. The fact of the matter is, it’s just not true. It’s stability and love that determines how a child grows up – not the gender of their parents.

    That kid doesn’t look neglected, doesn’t look abused. How many kids in “straight” homes can’t say the same thing? It’s unorthodox, sure, and she will probably be teased for it, but it’s the responsibility of the parents of the world to teach their kids tolerance.

  • m

    i really don’t understand why a couple wanting to have a child is painted as such a crime. I believe they love their child as much as my husband and i love ours; we are a very “normal” , a very female wife and a very male husband. By no means will a person’s physical boundaries (whatever they might be) limit their love for a child. I personally know of far too many heterosexual, “normal” families who truly lack a loving connection within their family. A child brought into the world with love, compassion, understanding and a constant hope for a better future is always a blessing; i know mine is. Good for you guys! Your daughter was meant to be, is, and will always be a miracle of life and love!

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