Tori’s Greatest Achievement: “Having My Babies!”

A very pregnant Tori Spelling heads into to the studio in in the Valley yesterday. Tori recently talked to Modern Mom on bump day about her career, her babies, the amazing support she gets from Dean, decorating the nursery and more. Here’s some highlights:

On working with her family: “Well, I’m very fortunate because I’m on a reality show with my family. I love going to work everyday because I don’t have to leave my husband and son. They’re all part of the show. It’s like a dream come true because I get to be with Dean and Liam all day. I rarely have to leave Liam. I could see doing my show, Tori and Dean forever in some ways.”

On her greatest achievement: “Having my babies! Definitely. Nothing compares. I just stare at Liam every single day. I hope I don’t give him a complex! I keep wondering if he’s thinking, “Why’s this woman staring at me?” I can’t believe that he came out of me, that I gave him life. Men can be fabulous fathers. But I feel sad for them sometimes because they will never know the joy of creating a life within you. I could cry right now!

And now, the second time being pregnant, I appreciate it more. The first time I was always thinking, “I don’t feel good,” or, “Oh, I’m getting so big.” You focus on what’s happening to you. But when I had Liam, I felt a loss – he wasn’t inside me anymore. This time I appreciate every little kick, every little moment. I talk to her. The best part of being pregnant is I never feel alone.”

Head on over to Modern Mom for the complete interview.

Source: Modern Mom

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i really like her- yeah she is kind of a kook, but she seems like she has a good heart (despite stealing her husband from another woman)


Does Dean ever see his other kids. I know that they are quite young. You never ever see them with his other children. All Dean talks about is his family with Tori.