No Nannies For J Lo?

“They both told their managers that the next year would be all about family.”

What do you think? Could J Lo and Marc actually be doing it alone??

Source: MSNBC

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  • fee

    Isnt this the woman who had a “nipple tweaker” on the set of a video clip just to make sure they where erect…. there is no way she’d be even in the same room as these babies without a nanny……

  • I think it’s wonderful when celebrities raise their children without the help of nannies. My husband and I didn’t even have family members help us when we had our twins almost three years ago. Just because she is known to be “divalike” on the set of music videos doesn’t mean she isn’t a good mother and incapable of doing it alone! I’m sure she’s an amazing mother 🙂

  • antigonie

    I heard she’s almost broke and that’s the reason the nanny left(b/c she didn’t pay her). neither of them are working, jennifer hasn’t released a successful album in forever, the clothing line is extinct, and what ever happened to her perfume? Marc is known for his issues with money and children.

  • Cm

    I really dont understand why people are so against having a nanny. If i could afford it I wouldn’t do the nanny but i would have a chef, a cleaning woman, and a babysitter so me and my husband could have at least one date night a month. And please, i dont for one second believe JLO is broke, she is not lindsay lohan. This is a smart self made woman, im sure she still has plenty

  • megs

    I would think that it is all rumor, but who knows…I for one would love a nanny if I were to have twins or not…and could afford to! I don’t see what the big fuss is about having someone to assist in caring for your child/ren, and would think that both JLo and her husband are used to having assistant’s at their beckon call, with or without kids.

  • Rachel

    I would have “abruptly left” too! After seeing their unrealistic nursery and baby carriages and clothing in photos from People Magazine, the stress of the perfect life was probably weighing on the nanny the most.

    Babies are going to spit up, blow out diapers, drool, etc. and to dress them in expensive, designer baby duds and lay them down on expensive, organic designer sheets is just asking for it. Oh and multiply that times two in this case. The nanny was probably at wits end trying to keep up with the fairy tale….

  • Nan

    I recently heard (could be just a rumor) that Jennifer IS currently seeking to hire a nanny.
    Whether this is true or false, so what?
    It is their choice as parents & adults.
    For those who don’t “believe” in nannies or even the help of relatives, well, that’s just sad
    and simply selfish.
    There is absolutely no harm in allowing someone other than yourself to help out when it
    comes to raising or the daily care of your children.
    In fact, if you make the right choice in a nanny/caregiver, you’ll have mutual respect for
    one another which will translate into one more person you can trust to love your child(ren).
    I don’t know about you, but I never thought one could have too much love.
    What’s so wrong with one more set of hands to help out?
    If a parent can’t stand the thought of a little childcare assistance something is wrong with
    them that will eventually one day be put upon their child(ren).
    It takes a village (:

  • Debsa

    “What do you think? Could J Lo and Marc actually be doing it alone??”
    No 🙂

  • Nicole

    I don’t believe they’re doing it without nannies, but there IS a difference between a nanny and a relative helping.

  • Kate

    I seriously doubt that they dont have a nanny or at least someone doing the lions share of the work. I think the picture with mark looking DOG tired and her looking absolutely refreshed is a good indication that she doesnt have much to do with the kids. Honestly, i have tons of pictures of me after my first daughter, yes i had one but she had colic and pretty much never slept, i can imagine two is much like that with at least SOMEONE being awake at some point. Every single picture I look like someone ran over me, backed up, and ran over me again becuase thats just what happens after you have kids. I dont belive any amooutn of makeup could hide that.

  • Amy

    Anyone who saw their People magazine spread would seriously doubt this. The whole setup seemed very high maintenance and too perfect. I doubt she has no help.

  • Nan-this is why I have never posted a comment on the site and will never again in the future. We are supposed to put our own opinions out there without worrying about them being critiqued by other commentors. I visit this site every day and think maybe now that will stop. I never said I was against nannies altogether. I simply said it wasn’t for me.

  • Tracy

    I had twins 6 1/2 years ago, and did it on my own. My husband and 7 year old son were huge helps! I also thinks it depends on your babies. All of my kids slept thru the night by 6 weeks old. I know that is not the norm.
    Of course you can do it without help. Really, I have to say, it’s not all that difficult. But if you can afford help, so be it.

  • Nan

    Mom of twins….-

    Sorry that you feel personally attacked.
    I was simply giving my own opinion (a strong one at that, I understand)
    after reading the other comments, just as you had done.
    I have spent the past 13 years of my life dedicated to working closely with
    children and their parents which is why I have that particular point of view.
    This is a wonderful and entertaining site that is open to respectful debates.
    With that said, back to chatting about celebrity babies!

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