Are Madonna And Guy On The Rocks?

Are Madonna and Guy Ritchie negotiating a trial separation? The rumors don’t seem to be going away for these famous parents. The power-couple appeared at the Cannes Film Festival last week. However, reports continue swirling that their seven-year marriage is on the rocks.

As one observer put it, the couple didn’t look too happy at Madge’s documentary premiere,

“They did not look like two people who were very happy in each other’s company. She looked frail and pale, like someone under tremendous strain, and he seemed utterly miserable.”

Sources close to the couple say they have been living virtually separate lives since the start of the year. Apparently, Madonna is planning to move back to New York.

Madonna admitted in an MTV documentary that she,

“got married for all the wrong reasons. She added. My husband did not turn out to be everything I imagined him to be…I wanted to end everything.”

Source & Photo: The Daily Mail

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  1. devin

    This would be a little more accepting if it came from a 20 year old however, Madonna was over 40 when she got married for the 2nd time. What did she want some little wind up man that went along with all of her wishes. It wasn’t enough for him to loose his career putting her into one of the worst movies ever made. It’s probably why she married him because he was a director with several hits and a great reputation and she wanted to be cast in his movies.

  2. Jen

    UGH! For crying out loud, Hollywood, it’s not always about YOU! These hedonistic idiots drive me up the wall. They drop each other like hotcakes the minute they’re not being made happy anymore. Nevermind that Madonna probably didn’t turn out to be the Sally Homemaker that Guy Richie was hoping she’d be! It’s only about her and her happiness.

    I’ve run out of appendages to count on for how many times my husband has made me unhappy or let me down. That’s life, folks! No one (not even you, Madonna!) is perfect. I’ve certainly let my husband down, too. But life goes on. Successful marriages can only happen when you weather the storms and get past the boring patches, working together and staying committed even when life’s not giving you reasons to jump for joy.

    Hollywood always provides the best example of what NOT to do and how NOT to act in a marriage.

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