Kingston’s Fun-Filled Birthday

Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale celebrated Kingston’s 2nd birthday and Memorial Day on the beach in Malibu, CA today.

Yesterday Kingston had his party — with some little celebrity guests like Harlow Madden.

There’s also some new pictures of the family at the park early on Monday May, 26.

More pictures after the jump

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Nicole

    Oh my gosh how cute. In case you couldn’t tell Kingston is one my favs. 😉 This family looks like they really enjoy each other.

  2. PtitePom

    I like them too, but there’s something I’ve noticed and that bothers me. We’ve seen a lot of beach time lately and Kingston never seems to have sunscreen, hat or sunglasses on. That’s not really good for a baby/toddler… Just my two cents…

  3. justme

    how do you want to know he doesn’t wear sunscreen?

  4. Nicole

    If you look at the last set where they were at the beach, you actually can see he’s got sunscreen on – there are pictures from the set where Gwen is actually putting the sunscreen on, and you can tell from how almost greasy Kingston’s skin looks.

  5. PtitePom

    @ Nicole : right, didn’t see this one. But still, no hat or sunglasses. I’m not judging here, just saying that sun is very dangerous (I know by experience).
    I know Gwen’s a good Mom and she must have a little hat or something to protect King in her bag 😉

  6. Linda

    What a cuuute family, goosh every pic you see of them, they always looks so happy.I love this family. And Kingston is starting to become one of mine favorites too. (:

    PtitePom: I think you have a point, But right now maybe the sun isnt strong as it is on juli/august.. så he probably doesn’t need the sunglasses and the hat right now.

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