Marc Confirms There Is No Nanny For Max & Emme

Marc Anthony says Jennifer Lopez is in “mommy mode” and loving it. He said,

“She’s such an amazing mom and I’m so proud of her. She’s such a gem to watch.”

As we previously reported, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez are caring for their 3 month-old twins, Max and Emme, without the help of a nanny. Marc said,

“It’s just us, man. We’re figuring it out and having a great time. She expects me to help and she makes no bones about it. I get the late shift. I get literally from 10 on because we don’t have a nanny. It’s just me and Jennifer figuring it out. From 10 p.m. to 8 [a.m.], that’s my shift.”

Marc is currently touring the country for a campaign against childhood obesity. He said that Jennifer has three movies lined up and is eager to go back to work, but “the babies have been a blessing all the way around and she’s just amazing.”

Source: PEOPLE

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  • Pencils

    They don’t have a nanny, and he’s in charge every night, but he’s currently touring the country? How does that make sense? I don’t believe they have no help–maybe they don’t pay a nanny, but they probably have relatives helping with the babies. And, of course, maids, a chef, gardeners, assistants…it’s a lot easier caring for babies if you don’t have to clean, do housework, do laundry or cook. Or go to work.

  • devin

    I believe him, why would he lie?

  • Nicole

    He’d lie because “it’s just us” sounds better than “it’s us and two nannies.”

  • Pencils

    Why would he lie? Because image is everything for an entertainer. It’s how they make their money. If people didn’t like them, their record sales, their perfume sales & clothing sales would go down. So they’re trying to appear like regular people so that you’ll feel good plunking down your money in the drugstore for Jennifer Lopez’s latest perfume.

  • devin

    How is it so easy to accept that Nicole Richie has no nanny? If it’s all about image I can’t imagine this vacuous spoiled brat taking care of a child sans nanny.

  • Anon27

    Whats the big deal with them not having a nanny? It shouldn’t be anyone else’s responsibility to raise/take care of their kids when they are fully capable of doing it themselves. It’s not like they have to work with all that money they have in the bank. She doesn’t have to worry about a 9to5 job, struggling to pay bills, cleaning and cooking, etc. Besides, it can’t be that hard when her babies are the only things Jello really has to focus on. The personal chefs, housecleaner, personal assistant, and other servants make it easy for her. Im sure she just sits there getting her make up done while she orders other people to do and fetch stuff for her. They don’t deserve to get a pat on their backs for doing what they’re supposed to be doing. N

  • devin

    Just as they don’t deserve to get a pat on the back for doing what they’re supposed to be doing, the same goes for all the others that people on this site seem to drool over and wax on ad nauseum about how great they are as parents, based on nothing more than a few pictures of them playing with their kids at the park or picking them up from school. I guess that it is sort of hypocritical how harsh the JLo and Marc comments are and yet others are held in such high esteem as parents. No parent takes care of their children all the time everyone has help from one time or another.

  • Dea

    Well, if it’s true that they are on full parental mode, I say “welcome to parenthood which includes dirty diapers, waking up every 2 hrs and screaming babies”. I want to believe JLo can go through these but I am unable to..

  • Kate

    lol of course its easy for her to say no to nannies at this point. Marc is the one doing the really dirty work. The night shift is the HARDEST part, and he takes care of the ENTIRE thing with both of the babies. Add getting as much sleep as you want and having servents who take care of everything else from cleaning to cooking, and sure, having a baby is pie.

  • Rachel

    I am actually surprised we haven’t seen this from more celebrities lately. Being so high profile, I can’t imagine the screening process and work it must take to find someone they trust with their children night and day.

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