Kerry Katona: 1-Year-Old Heidi Swears

There were pictures in the paper of Liam Gallagher’s son Gene sticking his fingers up at the paparazzi – like father like son! To be fair, i think all kids pick up the occasional naughty thing every now and again. Heidi said s**t the other day, but she didn’t get it from me. My stepsister Pat said it, so I blame her!

Source: OK! Magazine – Issue 625 – June 3 2008 – Pg 29

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  1. Linda

    lol .. just blame your stepsister.

  2. christie

    oh isn’t she just a bunch of ****!

  3. antigonie

    Some kids say it because they’re trying to say “sit” not “s***”. My little cousin says it all the time when she’s playing with the dog. It’s one of those things that gets lost in translation with the little ones.

  4. dea

    when my son looks at a clock he will say the word without the “L” which sounds pretty much obscene whenever we are in the public places!

  5. hannah

    My son used to say his “Tr’s” as “F”s. So anytime he saw a truck, well…you get the idea. Let’s just say my husband and I got quite a few dirty looks until his pronunciation improved. 🙂

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