Denise, Sam & Lola @ The Park

Came across some more pictures of Denise Richards and her daughters, Lola and Sam at The Palms Super Slide Park in LA. They were celebrating Lola’s 3rd birthday — which was on Sunday, June 1.

The girls’ dad Charlie Sheen got re-married on Friday to Brooke Mueller.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Bluezy

    Cute girls…but what’s up with all the thumb sucking??

  2. Nicole

    Bluezy, I wondered that too. Sam is like 4 I think, and while I don’t think it’s bad if done occasionally – I’m not one of those people who mind Kingston using a paci, for instance – it seems like the girls don’t like the paps, so it seems like an insecurity thing.

  3. AC

    Thumb sucking at 4? You rarely see either child without a thumb plugged in their mouths and has anyone EVER seen these two kids smile?? Every single picture I’ve ever seen of them they’re both frowning and look like their headed to a dentists appt. instead of a day out.

  4. Tracy

    I agree-they look miserable all the time-just like their mother.

  5. TaylorTot

    I think they are very insecure. They probably have quite the crazy life. Mommy and Daddy are in and out….together and then not at such a young age…they probably get bounced around a lot and Mommy is kind of erratic. I’ve seen two episodes of her show and she seems like a loose air hose at times. A loose air hose with a potty mouth. I feel a little sorry for these little sweeties.

  6. Beth

    Anyone know who designed those sunglasses shes wearing?….I like them alot…..

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