Dennis Quaid Plans To Relax On Father’s Day

Actor Dennis Quaid attended the Stand up for Cancer Initiative announcement in Beverly Hills and had the chance to talk with OK! magazine about his first Father’s Day with his 6-month-old twins, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace.

“I’m just going to lie there! I am so sleep deprived.” “I’m just going to get my ties and sit around and be with my babies and my wife.”

Dennis and Kimberly are enjoying this time right now, after the stresses of the last few months in which the twins were deathly ill from a drug overdose.

“I am just so lucky,” says Quaid. “The twins are doing great. I love to watch them getting food all over their faces. I love watching them sleep. It is all the little things.”

Dennis continues to stress an important aspect of being a father to newborns,

“Sleep!” he laughs. “Get some sleep! I don’t care if it’s two in the afternoon, if those babies are finally asleep, you sleep too!” In the end, when asked if “father knows best”, Quaid stressed, “father may know best most of the time but let me tell you, mother trumps whatever father thinks he knows every time!”


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