Shauna Sand & Her Girls Shop On Robertson Blvd

Playboy Playmate and Lorenzo Lamas’ ex-wife, Shauna Sand, was spotted with two of her daughters, Alexandra Lynne, 11, and Isabella Lorenza, 7, shopping Robertson Blvd.

Good for her that she can wear them – but I can’t imagine myself walking in those shoes.

Photo: Fame

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  1. Bluezy

    She looks like she’s either ready for halloween….or she’s a “workin girl”!

  2. hannah

    Only in LA would a woman dressed like a hooker be allowed into a Chanel store.

  3. bee

    another case of money not being able to buy class.

  4. hannah

    Thank god her daughters are gorgeous and look nothing like her! Hopefully they won’t follow her example in the fashion, hair, makeup and shoe department.

  5. Theresa

    nice role model for her young daughters to see daily…all the pics I see of her she looks nasty!

  6. Eva_baby

    Not only are the shoes ugly. They don’t fit. Her toes are hanging over the front.

    Thanks goodness the daughters look like normal everyday kids.

  7. Dea

    I wonder what reactions from other parents she gets everytime she comes for PTA meetings?

  8. suzan

    What the heck is she wearing?

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