Angelina Hopes For Natural Birth With Twins

Although earlier reports stated that Angelina has already given birth to the twins, the heavily pregnant actress has begun telling friends that she hopes for a natural birth to her twins. One source said,

“She prepared for a natural child birth for Shiloh and was very disappointed when her doctors told her she would have to undergo a Cesarean section. She is praying everything will go her way and she will be able to enjoy a natural birth.”

Angelina and Brad are taking every precaution to ensure a safe delivery of the twins. Reportedly, they’ve hired a midwife and two French nurses who are currently staying with her at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s compound in St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

A source said,

“Whether Angelina experiences natural childbirth or has a scheduled C-section, she will not go to full term with the twins. She’s been told to expect the babies early, and that was the reason she and Brad went early to France — so they would be ready for their babies whenever they decide to make their appearance.”

Source: OK! Magazine

Photo:, May 19

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Let’s discuss how much more fabulous Angelina could be as a mother of 4 + a new set of twins if she would throw us a bone and sport a rockin’ new hairstyle?! Her hair has been the same since Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Time for a change!!!


es la mejor