Nicole Richie: “I’m Designing Adult Clothes For Babies”

Recently, Nicole Richie spoke to FabSugar, while attending a fundraiser for The Children’s Health Fund. She spoke about her new jewelry and clothing line, called House of Harlow. The line will include shoes, bags, sunglasses, and other accessories. The jewelry line will be out in August. Nicole also discussed her new children’s collection as well,

“I’m at the very beginning stages but I’m designing adult clothes for babies. The girl’s clothes are designed after my personal clothing and the guy’s clothes are going to be designed after Joel’s.” “Little hippie dresses for girls and sleeveless tops and suits for boys. I think there’s nothing cuter than a little boy dressed in a suit.”

Nicole also expressed her love for fashion, always trying new looks and how she’s really excited to take it to the next level.

Source: FabSugar

Photo: FabSugar

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  • Tracy

    can everyone please stop giving her money for doing nothing? isn’t one Paris enough, really.

  • Lala

    Great, adult clothing for babies based on her wardrobe…so we can expect little baby dresses designed to show off their coochies while they dance on tables and oversized sunglasses in the kids department of K-mart?

  • bluezy

    Joel always looks stupid, especially with those gawky hats he wears… I can’t imagine that many people will buy these “sleeveless shirts and suits” for their little boys. I certainly wouldn’t.

  • TaylorTot

    Sleeveless shirts on men are HIDEOUS!!!

  • Pencils

    Here’s an idea–how about baby clothes for babies? Hmmm?

  • Kate

    lol, you act like adult clothes for babies arent already a huge hit? Ever been to a kohls? Or perhaps the adorable little pea coats you see on babies all the time?

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