Update: Clay Aiken Is Going To Be A Daddy!

Update: TMZ is reporting that Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster are expecting a boy.

Update: PEOPLE has confirmed the news, they are in in August.

Reports are surfacing today stating that Clay Aiken, 29, is going to be a daddy! Sources report that the mother is record producer, and Clay’s best friend, Jaymes Foster. Clay and Jaymes apparently live together in LA.

This will be the first child for Foster, 50, who has produced several of Clay’s CDs — she is due in August. Jaymes is the sister of of music mogul, David Foster. Reports say Foster was artificially inseminated, but Clay will have an active role in raising the child.

No immediate word from Aiken’s rep.

Source: TMZ

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  • Anonymous


  • MJ

    what the?

  • Rachel


  • I agree. Huh? WTF?

  • hannah


  • princess

    huh??? the mother is 50??! huh??! WTF! (ditto)

  • cdl

    Umm …well idk if thts true … i mean i don’t doubt that he is gonna be a daddy… but the momma bein 50? that doesn’t sound like very solid gossip more like lunch room gossip… maybe we should wait for clay to say who is da babi’s momma!!!! Oh BTW i told everybody he isn’t gay!!!!!

  • cdp

    Omg btw if he is gonna be a daddy and that’s for sure and like positive im rlly happy for him and i hope ppl( gossipers) will leave him, the momma and da babi alone… i mean don’t we give hollywood enough crap be mature people and don’t torture their kids!!!

  • freakaleak

    i thought he was uhhhhhh gay…….

  • Kelly

    Good for Clay and Ms Foster! That will be one talented and well-loved baby!

  • Christy

    I am so happy for the both of them… So yeah he is not gay

  • Rachel

    He could very well be gay…the report is that he is the sperm donor (artificial insemination) in this case. Funny they say he will play an active role in the child’s life. I don’t think that usually happens with sperm donations. This is just weird…every last detail of it!

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