Emma Noble Talks About Her Son’s Autism

British model Emma Noble talked to The Sun about dealing with her son’s autism. Emma, 36, and seven-year-old Harry live in Cambridge and Harry’s dad is Emma’s ex-husband James Major, the son of former Prime Minister John Major. He was diagnosed with autism in 2003.

On losing his speech before he was diagnosed: “When he lost his speech it was terrible. It breaks my heart but his final word to go was ‘Mummy’. He was trying so hard but all he could get out was ‘Mu, Mu’. All the time I was desperately willing him on. That look of fear and confusion on his face will never leave me.”

Dealing with the diagnosis: “It was like slowly building the bricks back up which had just been knocked down. It was Harry who pulled me out of that despair. I started doing courses on autism and could then see tiny improvements – they meant everything to me.”

How he has progressed: “Harry really is amazing. He is like a little encyclopaedia now, loves birds and knows all there is to know about their habitat, diet, markings. He talks ten to the dozen now and is a real chatterbox. When I think how I felt after his diagnosis it is like another lifetime. I felt I really wanted to know why. I was very angry, very upset. It was a form of grieving, a bereavement. But that feeling dies – the desperate wanting to blame – and what takes over is the day-to-day living.”

Source: The Sun

Photo: The Daily Mail

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