Paparazzi Arrested For Stalking Jamie Lynn & Casey

A celebrity photographer has been accused of stalking Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiance, Casey Aldridge, in their small Mississippi town. Edwin W. Merino, 30, has been arrested and is scheduled to appear in court next week.

Authorities in Liberty, a small town in southwest Mississippi, said Merino wouldn’t leave the pregnant Spears and her fiance alone. In a phone interview on Wednesday, Merino denied the accusations and said he was about 200 feet away from the couple using a long lens when he was unjustly arrested at a gas station. Merino said he wasn’t getting any good pictures of the young couple and was preparing to leave the area,

“I’ve seen the young man Casey in pictures. I haven’t worked on them myself. The first time I got a good look at him was in court.”

Merino has been a celebrity photographer for five years. He was one of the paparazzi who caught Britney Spears without underwear.

Source: Yahoo News

Photo: INF, May 4

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