McDreamy’s Parenting Advice

Prior to Michelle Monaghan’s pregnancy announcement, her Made of Honor costar, Patrick Dempsey was already aware of her exciting news,

“It was a big secret, and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, but I knew Michelle was pregnant, and I am thrilled for her. She will be a great mom because she has a good head on her shoulders, a fine husband, and overall, she is a lovely woman.”

42 year-old Dempsey, who with wife Jillian has 18-month-old twin sons Darby and Sullivan, and a 6-year-old daughter Talula, gave Monaghan, 32, some parenting advice,

“I told Michelle she may not see it now, but her life will change profoundly after she delivers the baby. I told her being a parent is a feeling that she will not understand until she actually has the child.”

Source: People

Photo: Wire Image – MTV’s TRL, April 29

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  1. ivy

    talula is from a previous relationship? i didnt know that. his or hers?

  2. Hannah

    No, Talula is Jillian and Patrick’s daughter. She’s not from a previous relationship.

  3. Lisa

    No that was a mistake Talula is their first child together

  4. Jenny

    Oops, thanks for catching that one ladies. 😉

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