Pete Wentz Defends Pregnancy Denial

When pregnancy rumors started swirling around Ashlee & Pete Wentz, they denied the allegations. Pete even fumed,

“There is a witch hunt for people to be pregnant whenever they get engaged in Hollywood. This is all news to me.”

However, last week, Wentz happily confirmed the news on his blog, explaining that the couple “wanted to wait until after the first trimester” to make it official,

“Every woman, no matter who they are or what they do for a living, has the right to wait until at least [three] months before sharing this very personal news. We wanted to wait until after the first trimester and get a clean bill of health from our doctors before confirming anything, just like any other couple. Being a boy I have no idea how to respond to such things and my first instinct was to protect her and the baby. It’s insane that you can’t let happy news brew in Hollywood. This wasn’t about press or anything. . . . I apologize to anyone who felt misinformed but the truth is, the person and growing baby is who I felt most loyal to protect and defend.”

Pete and Ashlee aren’t the first celebrity couple to deny pregnancy rumors. Nicole Kidman denied the rumors that she and husband Keith Urban were expecting in late December, only to confirm the news a week later. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced her pregnancy news in November following multiple denials by the couple.

Jared Shapiro, executive editor of Life & Style Weekly, told the Associated Press that pregnancy news is big bucks in his industry,

“The news of the pregnancy makes for great breaking news. Ninety-nine percent of these celebrities end up confirming, so they do talk about it – they just do it on their own terms. He went on to say it’s his job “to break news. Not wait for news.”

Not to mention, pictures of the celebrity babies sell for millions. The pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s twins sold for a reported $6 million, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s first snaps sold for $4 million and Christina Aguilera little Max went for $1.5 million.

Competition from celebrity websites and blogs also raises the stakes even higher in getting the news out first, Shapiro said,

“It’s hard for celebrities to keep a pregnancy secret but if you look at who they surround themselves with – they’ve got doctors, lawyers, agents, managers, publicists, assistants, friends, family. Add that into the fact that you’ve got photographers following them, and just the entire American public on celebrity watch now – you can’t pull it off. Your every word is heard.”


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  1. Claudius

    I applaud him, he did what was write for his wife.

    It seems all the rules have been thrown out of the window when it comes to celebrity pregnancies even up to the point where a celebrity is said to have just gotten pregnant have people seeing a small baby belly despite just being about 2 months gone. I guess pregnancy in celebrities are different. Apparently, once the sperm hits the egg, the baby magically develops to where it fills the mother’s womb.

    Look at Lily Allen, she announced her pregnancy only to announce a miscarriage soon after. Let them tell when they feel they are ready.

    It is also amusing reading the media expecting a 5 month visibly pregnant Lopez or Jolie to confirm what is right there in front of their eyes. Ridiculous. They always want that quote.

  2. Nicola

    I agree that they did the right thing. I didn’t tell anyone but my immediate family that I was pregnant until my second trimester. It is bad luck and only makes a miscarriage more painful for the Mom.

    Since when has the public had the right to everything that happens to a celebrities body and way?

  3. Amber

    Never heard it was bad luck, I was shouting it
    from the rooftops immediately and have 3
    healthy children.

  4. ivy

    i told everyone immediately too, i couldnt wait.
    i agree that celebrities dont have to tell us anything, but i did think is was funny that he made the comments he did. he didnt have to say it was a witch hunt and everyone assumes they got engaged because she was pregnant (which the obviously did) and everything else he said. he could of just not made a comment about it. he made himself look like an ass i think. let people assume what they want, he doesnt have to comment on his personal life.

  5. Rachel

    No one, celebrity or not, gets married six weeks after getting engaged unless they are pregnant. He wasn’t protecting his wife and the baby, they were all protecting their own images. What if she had miscarried, but they had already gotten married? Would they still be married now? Or would they have even gotten married in the first place? Just saying….

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