Gavin On Fatherhood: Terrifying & Brilliant

According to our Daily Poll, 42 year-old Gavin Rossdale is one of our favorite celebrity dad’s. It’s easy to understand why after reading his thoughts on fatherhood and how little Kingston has changed his life,

“You have to relinquish all self-importance. It’s not a bad thing. You don’t have time to think about yourself. I used to wallow in introspection. I don’t have time to be that guy now.”

Gavin is kicking off a solo music career this month with the release of Wanderlust. Gavin and his superstar wife, Gwen Stefani, are welcoming their second child this summer. He recalls his lack of experience prior to Baby Kingston’s arrival,

[Before becoming a dad,] “I’d been around babies 12 minutes my entire life. I didn’t read any books. And we had friends of ours who were like, ‘You guys re crazy, you’ve got to read books.'” But Gavin went on to say “It’s so natural you just fall into it and you find your way. It’s terrifying and exciting and brilliant.”

Source: People

Photo: Flynet, May 18

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Such an adorable picture 🙂 And I totally agree, about the natural element of parenting, that you just do what your common sense tells you to do. My mom was also once asked by a nurse, how many books she had read, because she thought my mom did everything just as parenting books tell you to do. But she had never read any, it was only her instinct guiding her. ok, maybe you need to inform yourself about safety hazards or how to change diapers, but parenting itself, i think, is done instinctively.

Carolyn Robertson

Cutest pic!

I agree with him on the parenting books. I’ve sworn off them!

I like Gavin, he seems smart and like a great dad. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s so hot. 😉


i dont understand…doesnt he have like some 13 year old daughter or something? Why is he talking like this is his first kid


Maybe he wasn’t that involved with that child. Lord knows my father wasn’t.


Cm, I think it is because he didn’t find out about being his daughter’s father later into her teen years, he was simply her godfather before then. I don’t think he has played a “father or daddy” role in his daughter’s life, he said recently that they don’t have that kind of relationship yet. Biologically, he is her father but that’s pretty much it.


oooh, ok. Im always a little confused when i read the things he says but that makes sense


He found out about Daisy when she was 14 or 15.