Update:Casey Affleck & Summer Phoenix’s Name Their Son Atticus

Update: There hasn’t been an official statement, but in a recent Birmingham Post interview with Casey Affleck, it’s mentioned that his sons are Indiana and Atticus (photo is from 4/08 – we are just letting you know his name)

Actor Casey Affleck and his wife Summer Phoenix debut their 4-month old baby boy (still waiting to hear his name) as the family,(4 year-old Indiana is not pictured) check in for a flight along with their nanny at LAX. The baby and Indiana have some famous uncles – actors Joaquin Phoenix and Ben Affleck, and of course we can’t forget cousin Violet, 2.

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  1. Ooo. Finally, we’ll get to find out what happens when weirdly-named celebrity kids have their own children!

  2. Marjie

    Many thanks for these pictures!
    I love Summer and Casey and I love these photos! Really sweet

  3. didi

    I have to say I think the baby looks a lot like his uncle River did. So weird! I have yet to see any pictures where Summer is smiling, she always looks totally annoyed.

  4. tess

    I think he looks a little like his brother Indiana.
    He is a cute baby.

  5. Jessy

    I would look annoyed. aswell.. She doesnt want paparazzi up her face, specially not when her children is involved. I dont think this baby look like Indiana, he looks more like a phoenix to me.

  6. Linda

    What about him looks like River? :S .. I mean I can see a LITTLE bit of resemblence but thats it.

    But either way he has gorgeous blue eyes! What a cutie <3

  7. bee

    yeah, she always looks miserable tho even when she’s w/o her kids at a charity event or something. i can see why she’s not happy with the papps in her and her kids faces now. if you’re as old as me, you’d remember River better maybe. the baby does look like him. i don’t think it would be so terrible if they just said what the baby’s name is. what’s the big deal?

  8. what did casey affleck name his baby boy

  9. Lisa

    @Connie – They still haven’t released his name.



  11. Lisa

    The photo is from 4/08 – we’re just letting you know is name is Atticus since it’s never been known before. 😉

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