Julianne Moore & Hubby With Daughter Liv

Julianne Moore and husband Bart Freundlich take their daughter Liv Helen for a scooter ride in Manhattan on Saturday.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Amanda

    thank you so much Jenny for new pics of Julianne and her beautiful family!Liv is getting so big!

  2. Wow, her daughter looks so much like her, just like a miniature version. Cute!

  3. PtitePom

    That’s right! She’s such a mini-me of Julianne! I like this family too, discreet and cute!

  4. Jenny

    Yes, Liv is absolutely stunning, just like mommy! 🙂

  5. Amanda

    wonder where big brother Cal was?

  6. Amelia

    What a beautiful little girl!

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