Ice Cream & Pedicures On A Sunday Afternoon

In Touch reported Tori was having a scheduled c-section today – but Tori told photographers yesterday that she still has another two weeks to go. We’ll see!

The happy family were spotted yesterday getting some ice cream with son Liam, 1, then they stopped by a nail salon for his and her pedicures. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dean with painted toes.

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  • Francesca

    I’m sorry, call me old-fashioned, but that’s just WEIRD!!! :-\

  • Tracy

    He really needs to stop that! I would not be happy if my husband liked pedicures and polish as much as I do!

  • Anonymous

    Liam was born in March 2007.
    He is only 1.

    Not 2.

  • Lisa

    Oops, I knew that…typo sorry 😉

  • Skang

    Tori seriously needs to wear a bra. For our sake and for the sake of her breasts in the future…can say saaagggggy?

  • ivy

    she’ll just buy some new ones when those aren’t nice anymore 🙂

  • Dude, what is up with the colored toenails for guys? I can dig a guy that likes to be pampered, but that’s why there’s clear polish, or even just get ’em buffed! Seriously.

  • Sharon

    Men who paint their toenails may also be inclined to wear womens clothing. I know this because I was a hairdresser and over the years many man who wore womens clothing (“transvestites”) would come in to have their nails and hair done. I don’ t agree with having the little boy present while he has his nails done, however. That may give the little guy gender indentity issues and confusion. I think Tori is in trouble with this man but doesn’t know what to do, now she has 2 kids with this guy who does this embarassing stuff, in front of the paparazzi no less.

  • Rachel

    I bet Tori knows something about Dean’s manhood that none of us do! She is secure enough in that to let him get away with some polish on the toes…good for her.

  • jamie

    she definetly needs to secure them saggy boobs better. There hanging pretty low ,like a 70 year old woman.

  • Kate

    oh please. his father having his toenails painted isnt going to give the kid gender issues. I bet youre the type that only lets kids play with “gender” specific toys

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