Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Welcome Stella Doreen

Actress Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have welcomed their second child — daughter, Stella Doreen McDermott. The baby was born Monday, June 9, at 3:13pm PT, in Los Angeles and weighed 6lbs 8oz. Tori’s rep, tell’s OK!,

“She’s here! She’s a healthy baby girl. Tori and baby are resting comfortably.”

Stella’s middle name, Doreen is after Dean’s late mother. The couple are looking forward to having both a boy and a girl, and Dean recently spoke to OK! about juggling it all,

“You’re a little more laid-back with your second child. You’re not as anxious. You’re not as frightened. They trip and fall, and you’re a little more laid-back about it and realize they don’t break.”

Stella joins big brothers Liam, 1, and Jack, 9, Dean’s son from a previous marriage.

Tori and Dean’s Oxygen reality show, begins it’s third season entitled Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, airing June 17th.

Congrats to the couple!!

Source: OK!

Photo: FAME

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  • Francesca

    Congrats to both of them…however, I’m a little disappointed that Dean spoke of being a little more laid-back with the second child as opposed to the 4th…what a slap to his other two chidren…has he forgotten them?! Sad…

  • Nicole

    I don’t respect either of them – and that name sounds like it belongs on a stripper.

    Does Dean even see his other two kids?

  • Ginger

    Hey now, y’all, don’t be so rude. I think Stella is a beautiful name! I knew they would pick one. And for the record, baby Stella IS Dean’s second child with Tori so what’s the big deal?? He sees Jack regularly. He’s a good father from what I’ve been able to observe as a celebrity STALKER, which is what we are.

    Congrats Tori and Dean!! I can’t wait to see her!!!

  • ivy

    i think Jack is his only other kid, right? and we probably dont see the time he spends with him because the photographers dont follow him to canada, hes not that important.
    also i think the comment about being more laid back with the second child is referring to Liam….its a little early for him to be saying he’s not worried about Stella tripping and falling down, she’s a newborn. So he’s saying he’s more laid back with Liam because of his experience with Jack.

  • Jess

    His only other child is his son Jack. The daughter he and Mary Jo Eustace were adopting hadn’t been processed at the time of the divorce, so the daughter is only Mary Jo’s child. I do agree that, while I don’t think he’s a bad father, I just wish that we could see him spend more time with Jack with Tori, Liam and now Stella.

    I don’t mind Stella as a name honestly. Doreen’s a bit weird but it makes sense why they chose it.

  • PtitePom

    I like the name Stella, she’s gonna be their little star! Can’t wait to see her little face! 🙂

  • Tracy

    Ugh-Stella? Maybe its because my friend’s dog is named Stella. But to each his own. Its no worse than,say, Apple.

  • Claudius

    Stella is a good enough name, maybe if people stop using people’s names for their pets, we won’t have parents who name their kids Inspecktor Pilot, Mechanic, Storey or one that translates to pickpocket (Suri) in some countries.

  • Lisa

    I’m partial to the name Stella – if my youngest was a girl, that would’ve been her name. Friends couldn’t believe we liked the name (my other girls are Grace & Abigail) One friend even said how can you choose that doesn’t go with the names you have now. I thought it did – it’s not really a name you hear all the time but its anold fashioned name.

    Good choice Tori!

  • natsu

    stella is a nice name with the wonderful meaning “star” and the name is better than “moon” or “apple”. “apple do u want an apple?”

    i really hate it, if people give their pets names like this.
    i know a lot of dogs with the name “bella”. -,-°°
    well my name is “bella” and i love it!

  • Claudius

    I think old names need to come back.

    Old, solid names. Abigail is a wonderful name. It is strong. Bella is also a wonderful name, very romantic. It is a name that rolls of a lover’s tongue especially if you find yourself someone Italian or Greek, lol.

    Hooray for old names.

  • Jenny

    I love the name Stella! I also like Ella. I definitely voted Stella in today’s neck-to-neck poll (not really a fan of Honor…..altho there have been wayyyyy worse celeb baby names ;-).

  • PtitePom

    @ Jenny : Same here, even though I’m a big fan of Jess, I’ve voted for Stella.
    Honor is not the weirdest or worst name, but it’s ‘special’… It sounds weird for someone French like me. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it…eventually 😉

  • Tiffany Axsom

    Hello people…do you not watch the show? Dean is all the time saying he misses Jack!! What makes Dean any different then other men who have to live far away from their child? He sees him as much as possible!! I also believe he was speaking of Liam being the second child! FYI Stella is a beautiful name! I actually have a niece named Stella and I love the name! My goodness people get a life and quit making fun a babies name! I have a son named Driven Isaac!

  • Dani

    I love Stella!~
    I think they are great parents and I’m just glad she didn’t pick Abby, Gabby or Kim…I love Mia, Lucy, and Renee! Well best luck Tori and Dean!

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