Peter Andre Is Looking Forward To Father’s Day

For those who don’t know, Harvey is blind and has a condition called Septo-optic dysplasia meaning his optic nerve hasn’t developed properly.

On Harvey’s disabilities: “I am really proud of the boy Harvey has become. He is so polite. I find his tantrums more difficult than Kate does. She really is amazing with him. I guess she had to be from the beginning because that’s all she knew. Junior and Princess adore him, but we have to be careful because when he has a tantrum it isn’t like the average child’s tantrum.”

Plans for Father’s Day: “I am working for part of it, but we’ll have a picnic in the garden together.”

Katie’s relationship with Junior now after having postnatal depression: “It’s great. She adores him and he loves her to bits. She spoils him rotten. And whenever we’re not with her, Junior always asks, ‘Where’s my mummy?’.”

On plans to adopt: “Kate would adopt tomorrow if I agreed, but I want to have all the children we can first and then it’s definitely something we want to look into.”

Source: New! Magazine – Issue 268 – June 16 2008 – Pg 42-43

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  • christie

    the pic looks rather odd….like they superimposed katie and princess into the photo!!

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