Pregnant Laila Ali Plans For Natural Home Birth

Laila Ali, the 30 year-old, 6-months pregnant American Gladiator co-host recently revealed she has “gained 20 pounds so far.” She also said she hasn’t had any unusual cravings and that her pregnancy is going well, “I feel great!”As we previously reported, Laila and her husband Curtis Conway are having a boy and they plan to name him Curtis Jr.

Laila plans on a natural home birth with a midwife,

“[I’m] doing a natural home birth with no medication.”

The fitness fanatic has taken a break from her regular weight-lifting regime,

“My husband has got on me a couple of times saying, ‘You’re not supposed to be doing that with those weights!'” she said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, OK.'” Still she manages to do “an hour of cardio on the elliptical or spinning, but not such high impact. Then, I also do some plates and light weight training, but nothing very strenuous.”

When asked if her famous boxing father is excited to be a granddad, she replied,

“Of course, but I think he’ll be more excited once the baby is actually here.”

Source: Us Magazine

Photo: WireImage, May 21

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FINALLY!!! A celeb NOT planning a c-section for once! I used a midwife as well….it’s different here in Canada. It’s funded and we can choose to have our birth (w/ midwife) in hospital or at home. Way to raise awareness of midwifery care, Laila!

Hi, Been reading your stories about natural birth and feel very envious. Am only 4 weeks away from due date with second baby and am feeling very nervous. I did’nt have a great first experience and ended up with every drug going! as a result had ventouse delivery. Would like to be stronger this time and not have epidural if possible, but could’nt rule it out!! Have been told that second time around is quicker, hope so!!! Any tips for staying calm and getting through heavy contractions without pain relief? Do contractions subside (pain) when it comes to pushing? Did’nt… Read more »

congrats ivy – it’s a great profession. i know what you mean about lamaze 😉


lisa i didnt know you were a nurse, i just graduated 🙂
im going to try for a natural birth in the hospital, we’ll see how that goes though. so far lamaze class seems kinda corny.


I’m a Registered Nurse & I’ve always worked in Labor & Delivery. It didn’t take me long to realize it was a business – sure, there were lives saved, but you go to the hospital to have your baby & you’re turned into a medical patient with Ivs , epidural, cathether, ice chips only….

My third I had natural with a midwife — not at home – I think I was too chicken knowing what could go wrong. But it was a great experience. It’s amazing what your body can do!


I had a natural birth with both of my children. My son was born naturally, no drugs. I wanted to do a home birth with a midwife for my second pregnancy, but after hearing a few horror stories I chickened out, unfortunately. Maybe my next pregnancy I’ll try that route. I keep hearing wonderful things about The Business of Being Born, I have to check it out! 🙂


Sorry to hear your birth story was so horrid, Kate. I’m sorry to say you are not alone. I highly recommend the film “Business of Being Born.” It shows another side to birthing stories…..not the usual medical model, fear-based kind.


My hospital birth was horrid, but unfortunately, I had such complications that I wouldnt have made it at home. I didnt have a c section though. If I have another, it has to be c section, but if it wasnt that way, I would never give birth in a hospital again.


I agree Jenny, it is the same way in England. I had my second daughter at home and found it was much easier than a hospital birth.

I can’t imagine going through all the stress of a surgery and doctors, I send both the midwives who delivered my girls Christmas cards.


I urge everyone to do some homework on the benefit of having a doula assist you during labor and spread the word. Doulas can be a great answer to women who are nervous about labor or want some help dealing with the pain in a natural way. There are lots of benefits like lower cesarean rates and other lower intervention rates. Check it out.