Gavin Has Been There “Every Step Of The Way” For Gwen

Gwen Stefani is expecting her second child with Gavin Rossdale – and the excited dad talked about how hard first trimester was on Gwen,

“It was difficult at first. Gwen really wasn’t well and it was tough for her. She was just really tired and was suffering, which is kind of sad in a way. I mean, isn’t it enough that nature distorts your body and stretches and squashes your organs?”

Gavin added that he’s been there every step of the way trying to make things easier for Gwen,

“I’m just trying to be right there for her and trying to help her through it. It’s not easy to be pregnant.”

The new addition will join big brother, Kingston, 2.

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Photo: Flynet, May 2008

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  • gia

    sweet…but i think most men feel that way when their wives are pregnant. no one wants a loved one to be suffering.

  • CandHmom

    I Love Gavin!! Not only is super-hot, but he is so loving and kind!!

  • Tracy

    I disagree, Gia, I really think most men have a clue how hard it is to be pregnant and I assume they all think “Thank God I’m a man”.

  • gia

    yeah, tracy, i am sure there are men out there who thank god they are men…i think that actually makes them respect pregnancy more…every man i have ever known in my life (even the ones who werent gems) have had the same mind set as gavin towards pregnant women…no one wants someone they love to feel crappy & they do what they can to help. maybe i have just been lucky!

  • Tracy

    I still disagree. I think you are overestimating men, but on the other hand, maybe I am underestimating them.

    My husband had to give me injections everyday when I was pregnant with my twins. It hurt so badly I cried almost every time. So believe me he saw plenty of suffering. But, I still don’t think he totally understood. I’m not saying he didn’t care, I just really don’t think he could grasp the level of discomfort and frankly, towards the end, misery even though he is quite caring & sensitive.

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