Kate & Ryder In NYC

Kate Hudson was spotted with her son Ryder, 4, and some friends in NYC today.

Hudson, 29, just launched a new line of eco haircare products with her stylist David Babbaii. Even though he calls her his “muse,” she’ll do her own hair if he’s busy,

“I’m an easy-going girl. If I need to, I’ll do my own hair.”

Photo: Splash

Source: SFgate.com

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  • KDd

    I just LOVE Ryder, i think he is sooo cute and i love his long hair, which is weird because I am usually not a fan of long hair on little boys.

  • Bluezy

    At first glance I couldn’t find the little boy in this picture. Sorry…but I am not a fan of his hair.

  • bab

    That poor little boy always looks worried.

  • ivy

    he does always look like he’s stressed out, thats funny. maybe he has a big important meeting later today.

  • joy

    ryder is a very cute boy but in these pic his hair is in his face and he looks so unhappy. is the girl next to ryder one of Lance Armstrongs girls?

  • Ann

    The girl next to Ryder looks like an older Ryder. I am most definitely a fan of his long hair. That is just terrible!

  • JADE

    Guys your missing the point
    She’s an easy going girl she can do her own hair if she needs to???
    come on i mean how many of you people get stylists to do your hair everyday??
    if she was an easy going girl there would be NO stylists and one would be used only for award ceremonies it’s just crap that’s all it is

  • antigoniem

    I think she’s saying if she’s in a salon and he’s busy with another client then she’ll do it herself.

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