Carnie Wilson’s Plan For Another Baby

Carnie Wilson is starting a healthy diet and workout regime. The former Wilson Phillips singer recently gained back much of the weight she had lost after her gastic bypass surgery. The 40 year-old mother of Lola, 3, said “I want to get pregnant again” and wants to be as healthy as possible before she and her husband, Rob Bonfiglio, welcome their second child.

On her motivation to start a healthier lifestyle regime: “I want to feel better. I was feeling very, very sluggish and depressed. I was really down on myself. I started having those feelings like before I had a gastic bypass where I just didn’t have any control over food and it was a frightening place to be and I was really tired of starting and then not following through, starting and not following through.”

On how she talks to Lola about healthy eating: “Yeah. I’m kind of careful about how I talk to her about stuff like this. What I tell her is, “Vegetables are good for you. We want to be healthy and feel good.” Very general. I’m not saying mommy’s on a diet — never. I’m not saying mommy wants to lose weight. I just don’t want to start that yet. I don’t think it’s necessary. I think it’s better to say, “I love these foods because they make me feel good and they’re good for me and they keep me healthy and strong.”

On eating Lola’s leftovers: “I’m not giving in. I used to give in and finish what she had on her plate. If I had nervous energy, I would walk by and pick up anything I saw. If there was food there, I would pick it up and eat it, for, I don’t know what reason! Now, I don’t even think twice. If there’s pasta left on her plate, I will just throw the rest out. I won’t start.”

Source: OK Magazine

Photo: OK Magazine

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  • Bobbie

    I wish good health for her, but she will never change.

    When she got pregnant, she was photographed eating ice cream. I can just imagine how she rationalized things – that she was doing it for the baby. Because of this, she will always struggle with her weight.

    And eating her child’s leftovers, that’s just gross.

    I mean no ill will towards her, but I am just tired of her towing the same line about how she wants to get healthy. No she doesn’t.

  • Whimzy

    I munch on my childs leftovers when I’m in a hurry….I don’t know many mom’s who don’t!!

  • Bev

    I agree Bobbie, her intentions are good, but i doubt she will really ever change!

  • Jen

    Well, at 40, I’m a little surprised that she’s dieting before the child. Who knows how many years it will take to “get healthy”, and then after the baby she’ll need to “get healthy” again. Why not have a baby first while she has a better chance of conceiving and then diet? As far as the kids’ leftovers go, I wouldn’t dream of touching my boys’ food. Oh those yucky fingers! The dirty fingernails! No way would eat anything from their plates.

  • Lala

    I like her, she seems like a really sweet woman and a good mom. Best of luck.

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