Katie Price & Peter Andre: “Seeing Disney Through Your Kids’ Eyes Is Just Amazing”

British glamour model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price and pop star husband Peter Andre spoke to OK! Magazine about their recent trip to Disney World in Florida. The couple took their three children Harvey, 6, whose biological father is footballer Dwight Yorke, Junior who is 3 today and Princess Tiaamii, 1 on June 29.

On Disney World:

K: “Disney was great. We went on a lot of rides for kids, but my favorite is always the Tower Of Terror. The kids really enjoyed it, they loved meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Harvey really enjoyed the new Toy Story ride because of all the lights that were flashing and he liked any rides that took him into the dark. he had such a great time, he just loved meeting all the characters, he really did have the time of his life.”

P: “Seeing Disney through your kids’ eyes is just amazing. They all loved every bit of it and you could just see how happy they were. It’s so heartwarming to see them enjoying things like this. But you know what? I realized that I am probably the biggest kid of them all.”

On Junior’s obsession with princesses:

K: “Junior was totally obsessed with all the princesses. He wouldn’t stop kissing them, it was so cute. He couldn’t wait to go to the parks in the morning. We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.”

P: “He’s amazing. How a three-year-old boy can differentiate between a pretty girl and an ugly girl amazes me. He was all over Snow White!”

On raising children in a dangerous world:

P: “London, the UK, it has all become like New York in the ’80s. It’s dangerous and full of violence and murder. Someone needs to get a grip and sort it out. I want my kids to be safe, so when Junior is four he’s taking up martial arts.”

Source: OK! Magazine (UK edition) – Issue 627 – June 17 2008 – Pg 52-68

Photo: Ok! Magazine – scanned by Celebrity Baby Scoop

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  1. antigonie

    harvey’s flipping off the camera. Hilarious!

  2. cyberkitten38

    “differentiate between a pretty girl and an ugly girl ”
    uhhhh…that was real nice…hope this isn’t what he’s teaching his son..that some women r “pretty” and some r “ugly”…cripes!

  3. BBG

    Those pictures looks like fake… I would be ashamed if they were my relatives

  4. Lala

    That is hilarious that Harvey is flipping the camera off. Poor little guy! 🙂

  5. Kate

    they are just.. strange looking, espeacially the youngest. Im not referring to Harvey, btw.

    what i dont understand is why they have a magazine article every 2 minutes.

  6. Bluezy

    I agree with what the PP said….the family is just strange looking. None of the kids look alike (I know the oldest boy has a different father)….and the little girl looks a little odd. All of the pictures look VERY photoshopped and fake and the parents look like wax figures who are more interested in taking good posed pictures than actually having a good time with their kids.

  7. devin

    Its not surprising Jr. has this outlook on girls, he’s being raised by two of the most superficial, shallow, vapid, vacuous, ignorant people ever.

  8. lalala

    the little girl looks like fetal alcohol syndrome

  9. Rem-Rem

    Umm…Why is there only one picture of Katie and Peter with Harvey and a couple of pictures with the other 2 children? That’s messed up.

  10. Anonymous

    The picture of the two younger siblings sitting together- they look NOTHING alike.
    I cant stand Peter and Katie. Poor kids.
    And I cant stop laughing about Harvey flipping the camera off. He probably hates having them for parents.

  11. buterphi9

    How come Harvey only gets to be in 1 picture????

  12. Chris

    Poor Princess Tiami, she’s got one of their pre-plastic surgery noses.

  13. Sophie

    There are other photos in the shoot of Katie and Peter with Harvey on their own.

  14. Beca

    Your all so horrible,, the children are so cute and beautiful.. some people are so harsh and jealouse!, iloue katie and peter i think they rock! why do people have to leave horrible comments like that?, x

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