Jason Donovan: “Father’s Day Should Be Every Day”

Australian singer Jason Donovan talked to Hello! Magazine this week about his children, who accompanied him on his honeymoon after marrying his long-term partner, and their mum, Angela Malloch in a surprise ceremony in Bali. The couple, who have been together for ten years, are parents to Jemma, 8, and Zac, 7.

On a family honeymoon: “Honeymoons are a slightly odd concept for me, in that I couldn’t imagine sneaking off with Ange somewhere and leaving the kids behind. It wouldn’t have seemed right.”

On his relationship with his father: “It’s the most important thing in the world to me. I had a very close relationship with my father when I was growing up and I guess I have always wanted to have that same sense of closeness with my own family.”

On being a hands-on dad: “Yes. My philosophy is that you only get so many opportunities with your kids and you need to make the most of them because, before you know it, they’ve grown up.“

On telling off the children: “You know, one of the problems I have parenting is knowing what to say when I have to tell them off. But Ange and I have our boundaries with them, for us, it’s all about trying to get the right balance.”

On who they take after: “Jemma’s quiet like me – she’s got an artistic nature. She’s very into dance right now and was recently in her school play. Zac is much more like Ange. He’s a bright boy, he plays violin and is very good at maths – which he certainly didn’t inherit from me.”

On celebrating Father’s Day: “It’s not something I celebrate. The cynic in me sees it for what it is – a commercial enterprise. Father’s Day should be every day as far as I’m concerned, with all the work I put in!”

Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1025 – June 17 2008 – Pg 24-28

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