Mark Wahlberg planning To Marry After Baby #3!

Actor Mark Wahlberg plans to marry model girlfriend, Rhea Durham in the summer of 2009.

“She wants to wait until after the baby. We’ve been very fortunate. We’ve waited and worked hard to really strengthen our relationship. We want it right,” “We’re ready. I’m ready. She’s been ready, but I think you know, we both come from broken homes and we want to succeed.”

Mark says that he and Rhea are still working out all the details, but the event will be a very intimate one. He said that his children, daughter Ella, 4 and son, Michael, 2, may or may not be in the wedding. It will be there choice.

Source: People

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Jen

    Why do some people think it’s easier to have kids together than it is to be married? And why is marriage such an afterthought in Hollywood?

  2. nosoupforyou

    I agree, Jen. The decision to have kids prior to marriage is baffling. Even more so when they cite “coming from broken homes” as a reason.

    Kid are permanent. They link you together forever. Marriages are not.

    And of course, the guest list will be “their choice.”

  3. poppy

    “Kid are permanent. They link you together forever. Marriages are not.”

    I think that’s the point. Kids are what keep them together, so they stay with their kids together and don’t get married. A marriage won’t do anything to keep them together. It could just put added pressure on them, causing a strain and causing them to fall apart. I think the idea is why get married? You don’t want to jinx the good thing you’ve got. At least, that’s how I see the reasoning, not that I’ advocating it.

  4. Kate

    lol, i honestly dont think alot of babies are planned. People as a whole arent really that responsible when it comes to birth control. So, here comes one kid, and if it works, you have more.. and marriage is just sort of something you think about later

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