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Actress Tori Spelling just gave birth on June 9th to a daughter, Stella Doreen McDermott, and is discussing parenting and family on her iVillage blog. Tori discusses juggling her time between her 1-year-old, Liam, and newborn, Stella. Tori blogs on the importance of “alone” time in order to “reconnect” with ourselves. She encourages other mom’s to remember that we are not only mother’s and wives, but we are independent women as well. Tori writes,

“If you don’t get a little time to yourself, what good will you be to anyone? I think it’s different for everyone: some people do yoga, some take a bath, some work out in the gym, some get a manicure… but whatever you do, make sure you have time for it, so you don’t feel guilty, or worse: more stressed out than before!”

For regular updates on Tori’s life, be sure to check out her blog.

Source: iVillage

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  • JET

    Tori’s advice makes sense, but she doesn’t seem to understand that most mothers don’t have a flock of nannies at their disposal. I wonder if she even realizes how privileged she is? I’m happy for Tori and her family, but I get annoyed when celebrities offer parenting tips as if every mother has the same resources that they do.

  • Jet, I totally agree! how can someone with a newborn and a 1 year old get “alone” time?!

  • Claudius

    You don’t need a flock of nannies to look after yourself. Are mothers sewn to their babies and toddlers? are the babies awake 24-7? All it needs is organisation.

    When I compare mothers from some cultures outside of the western culture to those in the western culture, I can’t help but laugh at the way western mothers seem to embrace stress and difficulty as if that is the only way they can ask for a pat on the back.

    All she is saying is take care of yourself. Find 30 mins or so some time during the day to breathe easy.

    What has a flock of nannies or priviledge got to do with it?

  • Yes, you are right Claudius. The blog article was about her discussing how to take some time for yourself. Everyone needs that time, not just mom’s.

  • Jennie

    I agree. I’m a mother of four boys, ages 10 to 3 months, and if I don’t get a few minutes to myself, I’d go insane! I’m not rich and have no one else to help but my husband and I manage just fine to get some “me” time lol
    So her advice makes plenty of sense.

  • Dea

    I second claudius’s opinion. It is a great advise and I think we as women should not lose our identity just because we have children. My mom still got the “empty nest syndrome” and my youngest brother is already 25 years old!

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