Jill Halfpenny Introduces Harvey Rhys

British actress Jill Halfpenny, 32, and husband Craig Conway introduced their first child together, Harvey Rhys in this week’s Hello! Magazine. Harvey was born on May 3, and weighed 6lb 8oz. Conway, 33, has a ten-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

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On his name Harvey Halfpenny:

J: “Craig is Halfpenny outside of work too. He took my surname when we got married because, being the youngest of three girls, I was the last Halfpenny in the family and really wanted to keep it.”

C: “I’d always really loved the name anyway, and to me it was an honor and privilege to take Jill’s name. I don’t see why it should always be the woman who changes. But I have had some quite strong reactions when I’ve told people – especially from men.”

J: “It was Craig’s decision to give Harvey the middle name Rhys – he thought it would be cool if his initials were HRH.”

C: “His Royal Halfpennyness!”

On looking forward to milestones:

J: “I can’t wait to hear him speak. I want to know what he sounds like. And just getting to know him, really; discovering his personality.”

C: “I’m already picturing him racing around the house in his muddy wellies. I’m looking forward taking him places and teaching him things. I can’t wait to hear him laugh. I’m excited about everything – all of it.”

On having more children:

J: “I would definitely like to have more than one, maybe two, hopefully three . . .”

C: “We were already talking about having another one a week after Harvey was born. And it would be nice if there wasn’t too large a gap between them.”

Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1026 – June 24 2008 – Pg 36-39

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