Ulrika Jonsson Introduces Malcolm Charles Tripp Monet

British TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson and husband husband Brian Monet, introduced their newborn son, Malcolm in this week’s Hello! Magazine. Malcolm is the fourth child for Jonson, 40, and the first for her husband Brian Monet. Ulrika also has son Cameron, 13, from her marriage to John Turnbull, Bo, 7, from a relationship with Markus Kempen and Martha, 4, from her marriage to Lance Gerrard-Wright.

Malcolm Charles Tripp Monet was born on June 7 weighing 10lbs.

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On the birth: “I don’t think I could have had a better labor although I did hemorrhage heavily afterwards. The great thing was that the labor started naturally which was very important for me because I was induced with Cameron and Bo and had a Caesarean section with Martha. This time I had an epidural but could still feel when it was time to push which was very important to me because I wanted to experience a natural labour.”

On choosing a name: “Malcolm was an early suggestion from my American husband. I told him that Malcolm was not a cool name in Britain but gradually I warmed to the idea! His middle name is Charles, which is Brian’s middle name and also the name of our dear friend Charles Worthington. And the third name is Tripp, the character played by Donald Sutherland in the TV series Dirty Sexy Money.”

On how the children have reacted: “Martha looks at him with incredulity as if to say, ‘This is a living doll.’ She said: ‘You can stick your fingers in his mouth because he has no teeth but you mustn’t give him a Chinese burn!’ Bo is a possessive mother hen and cannot get enough of him. And Cameron, who is nearly 14 and could have easily been quite disinterested in him, held him and just wept. They are all thrilled with him.”

On Malcolm completing the family: “Yes completely. Before it was me and my children, however much Brian loved and cared for them – and he feels complete love and responsibility for them – but Malcolm’s arrival means we are all related. He is the cement that connects us all. Plus he gives more meaning and importance to Brian’s role in the family. It feels as if we are all in this together.”

On plans for more children: “The first thing I thought when Malcolm was born and was laying on my stomach was, ‘Oh my God I want to do this again.’ I just love this feeling of having a child but with my increasing age and tiredness and having to consider the other children, I think four children is more than I could have hoped for and we should stop there. But who knows? Come and see us next year!”

Source: Hello! Magazine – Issue 1026 – June 24 2008 – Pg 66-75

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  • Bluezy

    Wow….four children with four daddies.

  • Natalie

    Martha looks just gorgeous…I’ve never really seen them all in this setting before. They are quite a private family. x

  • christie

    #1 sooooo what???

  • Cari

    Bluezy, I gotta back you up on this one. 4 kids with 4 different men? She may want to build a relationship with a man before having a child and kicking him to the curb.

    Sorry, I think that’s a bit much. One or two, even three, but 4 different daddies seems to be a little much.

  • Rachel

    Brian Monet is the only fool here…

  • Seether

    Everyone is so quick to judge behind their user names……what gives anyone the right?????Just because these people are celebs, we think we have the right to put them down!!! Nobody knows who they really are and what the magazines spin about them is what we are suppose to believe.

  • cm

    ” Just because these people are celebs, we think we have the right to put them down”- Seether

    Um, no. There are plenty of everyday people who get put down for having multiple baby fathers. There is a stigma attached to a woman who has more than 2 fathers for her children. As a child of a mother who has 4 kids with 4 diff men, something is a bit off with the situation even in the best case scenario

    i dont gree with rachel, that Brian is a fool. In fact i think it is great man that loves and cares for children that are not his.

  • Jennie

    Wow people are so judgemental here…. first of all, who says that it was on her that her relationships failed? I’d say it makes her more unlucky than anything else.
    I have four children by three different fathers, so what does that make me? I married young and got pregnant and he cheated one me…. then my next relationship, which lasted 4 years, ended because he was abusive and also cheated. Then I met my husband and got lucky in love and we’re very happy and have had two beautiful sons. I might also add that these men are the ONLY men that I’ve ever been with so I hardly think that makes me “easy”
    I think people need to think a bit before tossing judgement to someone that they do not know. Who knows what situations she has been in.

  • anon

    Her children are so close together in age it seems as if she feels that every time she falls in love with someone she has to procreate. It seem so skanky and uncivilized to have that many baby daddies.

  • Nicole

    I think the stigma comes from the impression that the mother just jumped into bed with the baby daddy, that there wasn’t even a relationship and she got pregnant by accident.

  • Rachel

    Brian is not a fool for taking care of children who are not his. But given her track record, nothing keeps him from becoming just another baby daddy. And yes, he is foolish to me for that.

  • cm

    um jenny i believe that makes you a bit irresponsible and im not trying to judge. I too had my son at 19, i dont know your circumstances but i was not being responsible. He happens to be the best thing to have happened to me but still i would be lying to say that i planned to get pregnant and that it was responsible for me to do so. We all make mistakes but i think children should be brought into healthy relationships. I dont think it matters if you have had five kids with the only five men you have slept with. NO one is condeming her to hell but i dont see why it is so appalling to people that some would say there is something wrong with having 3 4 5 6 baby daddies. she seems to love her kids and they seem well taken care of but that doesnt change the fact that the situation appears a bit off. Just like i have a wonderful, happy little boy who is well taken of but none of that changes the fact that having a child at 19 was not really all that responsible

  • Cm

    I thought more about it and would like to retract my last statement and apologize if I have offended anyone

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