Brangelina To Adopt Another Boy?

Even though Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are about to welcome twins into the world at any moment, OK! has learned that the power-couple plan to adopt a baby boy from Ethiopia,

“Angie and Brad have wanted an African boy for the last couple of years,” a source told OK!. “They were initially going to have that adoption follow the addition of Pax last year, but that all changed when Angie got pregnant with twins last fall.”

Julie Neal Pitt, Brad’s sister, was even looking into adoption. When Julie was looking to adopt, Angelina directed her to the same African orphanage where she found Zahara in 2005. And, according to sources, the two had planned to adopt together at the same time,

“Angelina was pretty far along in the process of adopting a beautiful baby that captured the couple’s heart when she and Brad got the surprise of their life and found out they were expecting,” the source revealed.

Source: OK Magazine

Photo: OK Magazine

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“Angie and Brad have wanted an African boy for the last couple of years,”

What??? Come on people…..these are children…not pets.

Plus, I heard that she was using fertility drugs to get pregnant (Clomid maybe?) so I doubt very much that the pregnancy was the “surprise of their life.”


I think people are forgetting one thing: the source is a gossip tabloid; they’re not known for honest ‘journalism’. I’d say take this news with a grain of salt and see if any of it turns out to be true.

So what if they want to adopt another child…that is their business and no one else’s…especially not your’s! I think that it is great that they are giving that child the opportunity to lead a happy, healthy and rewarding life that they would otherwise not lead in their own country. Would you want someone criticizing your every move if you decided to expand your family and wanted to adopt? What if you HAD to use fertility drugs to conceive? Most of you people don’t even want to give birth to your own child…that is the most rewarding experience I have… Read more »

So Angelina just goes and gets a kid like it is a toy? If so, then what SPECIFICALLY would be different if she was adopting these children with the “proper” intentions? If a “regular” person adopts several children, it’s obviously okay; yet, if Angelina does, then she’s acquiring a collection of playthings?

Is it actually true that so many nice people cannot adopt for years “although they meet all criteria”?
I’m not aware of the statistics on this but it hardly makes sense at all unless they are waiting for newborns.

To Nicole: Well, there were also rumors about Pax adoption and all Angelina pregnancies rumors. The fact is that she has “bigger eyes than stomach” and adopts these kids like it is a joke. Yes, Angelina and Brad Pitt are BEAUTFUL and FAMOUS people who can do whatever they want with their money. As I had said before, it is sad that so many nice people can not adopt for years although they meet all criteria, and this Angelina just goes and gets a kid like it is a toy. Same with Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan or Sheryl Crow.

You guys do realize this is a rumor, don’t you? That this is like the tenth time they’re supposedly adopting from Africa? It cracks me up that people buy stories from tabloids like they’re real, honest-go-god fact-checked news. Give me one “source” that isn’t the writer of the article itself and maybe THEN I’ll put some stock in it.


It appears that they look at adopting children like pets. Its basically shopping for a child. They are beyond hypocrites.


This is sad. There are so many ordinarly people who have warm homes and would like to adopt but it takes ages for them, and these two?! What do they think?! Just because thay have money and power, they can get any orphan they want? So easy! Well if Angelina had such big heart, why she did not give some money to Zahara’s mother so that that little girl can stay with her real mother? Hypocrits!


I doubt Angie wasn’t trying to get pregnant at the time she conceived – she’s not the type to not plan things out when it comes to her kids.

And just how young is this baby boy? I doubt she’s going to adopt a baby – if she adopts from Africa, it will probably be an older girl, like she did with Pax, so that the new addition is close to Zahara’s age.


people who write and believe these stories really need to learn Adoption laws first. any woman weither celeb or not can not adopt while they are pregnant. which makes those story one of the many lies they spread about this family