J-Lo & Marc Anthony Touch Down In Belgium With The Twins

Marc Anthony arrived Belgium yesterday for a concert performance with his wife Jennifer Lopez and 4-month-old twins Emme and Max.

The popular Latin singer is happy to have the twins on tour, saying,

“When I perform… they will inspire me,” adding “I just need toys for the kids.” [backstage]

Mark Anthony’s tour will go to Spain next, then Belgium and will end in Italy on July 2nd.

Source: Daily Mail

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • Jailynn

    Jennifer better be careful taking the steps of the plane in those shoes!!!!She not even hanging onto the railing!!!!Man o man!!

  • Christina

    Seriously, is it really necessary for them to have customized blankets with their names on it. I know they have money and all but I think it would be more reasonably to have those blankets if they had identical twins.

  • bluezy

    I’m just impressed that they are carrying the babies themselves. I don’t see a nanny (and I know they’ve said there’s no nanny) but I really still don’t quite believe it. They must have SOME help….right? Personally I could care less about the personalized blankets. My daughter has 3 personalized blankets and I’m by no means a rich person. People buy those types of things as gifts and I don’t think it’s a big deal. I love those personal touches. Very sweet and special.

  • Sumtin

    The shoes were the first thing I saw, too… man, I bet she works out a lot to keep her balance while walking & holding a baby. That or she’s loaded up on antioxidants and glucosamine, lol. She drinks Purple and takes GC, lol.

  • Tracy

    Those shoes are ridiculous to be walking down some steps in! I’m sorry-what a f’ing moron!

  • Hannah

    Haha that’s too funny, the first thing I noticed was the shoes! It makes me nervous just looking at those pictures!

  • Janie

    She looks like an idiot wearing these shoes. I don’t like her!

  • dea

    So much for being environmentally friendly traveller, huh? private jets only for the mama diva of course..how much you want to bet she called the paps for this event!

  • Jast

    I see how well Victoria Beckham has managed all these years wearing heels with her children. Maybe Jennifer will be able to pull it off too.

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