Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Daughter Maddie Briann

PEOPLE reports that Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancé Casey Aldridge welcomed a baby girl at around 9:30 Thursday June, 19 — named Maddie Briann.

“Just the family was there. Everyone is healthy and happy.”

Jamie Lynn did not have a c-section, which was reported yesterday by the National Enquirer — she was induced and delivered vaginally.

Congrats to the family — more details as we get them.

Source: People

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  • bluezy

    Finally a “normal” name!

  • Anonymous

    Normal and Boooooringggg!!

  • nosoupforyou

    Well, Sean and Jayden are ok too. 😉

    I like the name. I’m also glad she did not need a C-section at such a young age.

  • tess

    Maddie is a cute name.

  • Pencils

    Maddie is a nice, normal name, but it’s too bad they didn’t name her Madeline or Madison or something and had Maddie as a nickname, in case she grows up to be a lawyer or a politician or something. It can be hard enough for women to get ahead, having a cute name can be a hindrance in some professions. Which is why you should always ask yourself if the baby girl’s name you love would sound good on a stripper or not. 😉

  • Juicy

    It really is a cute name…but it bothers me, haha. I would have opted for “Madison Brianne” if anything, or another name to be honest. But it IS her baby, and her decision of course, so I respect that and the name is super cute 🙂

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